Lover of Cooking, BUF Girls New Farm Owner, Recipe Developer, Marketer and Entrepreneur, Thea has been immersed in the health and real food scene for over seven years and will journey with you as you discover your own path to healthy living.

With an overwhelming amount of dos and don’t surrounding food and the highlight reels on social media displaying perfectly constructed quinoa salads, there’s no wonder why we feel out of depth when it comes to eating healthy and cooking. Life is too short and time is too precious to waste it dwelling and being confused about fats, carbs and other culinary questions. Thea works with clients to create a joyful, flourishing and healthy way of life that is flexible, modern and free from restriction.

No single way of eating or food prep works for everybody. Thea has experience working with people young and old and at all stages of kitchen know-how. This knowledge will guide you to find the food, lifestyle and preparation choices that suit you.

The Kitchen Whizz is a service exclusively designed by Thea & the team at The Natural Nutritionist which will empower you to design a life that is sustainable, fruitful, and a joy to live. This way of life will allow both you and your family to reach your ultimate health goals.

Thea is dedicated to helping her clients live healthier and happier lives by teaching them how to nourish themselves through proper food choices.

Steph & Thea in the kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Kitchen Whizz for you?
If you answer yes to anyone of the below, then consider booking into one of Thea’s programs:
  • Want to learn how to eat real food and cut your carbs and refined foods?
  • Want to eat cheaper and waste less?
  • Want to save money on food?
  • Are you always staring at a blank or boring pantry?
  • Are you time poor and struggle to prepare meals?
  • Overwhelmed by food and diets?
  • Want to achieve a healthy weight and finally sustain those weighty goals?
  • Not sure where to begin?
What can The Kitchen Whizz do for you?
  • Meet with you and discuss your food preferences, intolerances and dislikes.
  • Work with your current and future goals to determine the best diet and meal plan for you.
  • Teach you to shop for and prepare simple, clean meals for you and your family
  • Build your kitchen and your pantry to ensure you have everything you need to plan and eat healthy meals.


Brisbane and surrounding suburbs + Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast upon request. Contact us for more information

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