Achieving your New Years’ Resolutions

With the festive season behind us and many returning to work, our focus now turns to the resolutions we made as 2017 ended. It’s very easy however, to start 2018 like a bull at a gate only to find ourselves on Australia Day wondering what our resolutions actually were! We often look to these resolutions as an opportunity for a new beginning, however often fail to put things into place to ensure we succeed.

The key to success is to keep it simple by taking consistent action. Simplicity helps to avoid the overwhelm and contributes to sustained success.

Our top tips to achieving your resolutions are below:

Spend time journaling:

If you have a list as long as your arm as to what you want to achieve, you will lose track of what is important. To help gain clarity around what your resolutions are I recommend spending the first week of 2018 journaling; reflecting on the past 12 months, what makes you happy, what doesn’t fulfil you, and what are your dreams and desires?

Set your goals:

Based on your journaling, is there an overarching theme present? An area to focus on which speaks to you more than others – be it personal, work, family, wellbeing? From this it is important to  narrow your goals to 2 or 3. Having too many goals creates overwhelm and makes them easy to lose track of.

Turn your goals into a statement:

Focusing on a small number of goals helps to provide you with focus and clarity as well as a sense of purpose which becomes the backbone of what you do every day. Turn these goals into a statement. A statement which you put into your phone, write into your weekly planner, put in on your fridge as a daily reminder of what you trying to achieve this year. You can even turn this into a vision board which you see daily.

Support your goal with habits:

It is important to take consistent action towards achieving your goals by putting in place new habits. Habits which are how you go about achieving your goals. Habits which enable you to work on your resolutions every day and every week. Continuously tapping into your statement will help to support these new habits becoming second nature.

Check in regularly:

Spend time at the end of each week reviewing your progress towards your goals. Take the time to be grateful for change and progress, and be open to recognising self-sabotaging behaviour that pops up. This accountability, plus small and consistent steps creates focus and you will reach the end of the year with a sense of achievement.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to others for support and to help keep you accountable. As always, remember we’re here for any of your health and wellness related resolutions. Book a complimentary 15-minute consultation today here,

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