Have you heard of Primal Alternative?

Have you heard of the grain free food company, Primal Alternative?  They take the deprivation out of ditching grains with their delicious breads, cookies, pizzas, wraps, granola and pastries. With keto, low carb, lunch box friendly, vegan, GAPS and low FODMAP options – there’s something for everyone.  I find the Pizza Bases and Choc Chips Cookies […]

The Problems with Conventional Gestational Diabetes Advice

We’ve discussed the issues with oral glucose tolerance testing (OGTT) in pregnancy before, especially the false positives in women who follow a moderate to low carbohydrate diet. I also have an issue with some of the advice given to women with a pregnancy blood glucose level (BGL) of 5.1 mmol/L or HbA1c of 5.1%. Before […]

Two Week Reset – Starts September 14th

I’ve had many conversations of late with people who have been really inspired to get healthy and spend their spare time cooking and exercising more. And I truly feel this is one of the big COVID-19 silver linings – a true appreciation of the importance of our health, and the time to reallocate our priorities. […]