Last Chance to Join Us!

Our free online workshop, ‘LCHF For Endurance‘ starts today! Learn how to master fat adaptation for day-to-day, performance and longevity benefits. Now is the perfect time to get serious about becoming fat adapted so that by the time we can return to racing again, you’re metabolically efficient, leaner, faster, fitter and raring to go! Here’s […]

Introducing Peanuts to Your Little One (+ Recipes)

I was recently asked to share my thoughts on introducing peanuts to little humans by Grub Kids Australia and Byron Bay Peanut Butter. So let’s take a closer look. A growing body of evidence supports exposing your little one to potential allergens before 11 months of age to prevent food allergies. When it comes to […]

My Postpartum Anxiety Story

I shared this story over instagram recently and it has already helped so many mummas, so I’m posting it here in case you missed the conversation… This photo marks the end of Grace’s breast feeding journey. Twelve months of nourishing my little girl. Twelve months of trying to sit still and enjoy the process. Twelve […]