New Recipe: Anti-Inflammatory MCT Coffee

TNN AntiInflammatory MCT Coffee

Just when you thought an MCT Coffee couldn’t get any better – let us introduce to you our Anti-inflammatory MCT Coffee. Not only will it kick start your metabolism, promote fat burning, aid satiety and improve mental acuity but it has the added anti-inflammatory properties with the inclusion of turmeric! Not only does turmeric alleviate […]

The Top 3 Mistakes With Fermented Foods

Fermented Food

Have you tried adding fermented foods and beverages into your diet, doing everything possible to nourish your gut only to find yourself experiencing the same undesirable digestive symptoms or even getting worse? I’m here to tell you that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing and you may not be making […]

Oregano Oil & Your Gut

Oregano Oil

As you may or may not be aware, the over prescription of antibiotics can have damaging effects within the body including the destruction of bacteria (aka probiotics) and damage to the gastrointestinal lining as a result (hello leaky gut), antibiotic resistance and reduced vitamin and mineral absorption capacity, just to name a few! Thanks to […]