Back to School Gut Health E-Course

We are so excited to announce Kids Health Australia is launching their third Back to School Kids Gut Health E-Course. Back due to popular demand, this e-course is a revolutionary guide providing a wealth of knowledge to benefit your child’s health and learning. Written by leading gastroenterologists, paediatricians and nutritionists, the self-paced course is full of tips, recipes and meal plans to improve your child’s learning capacity for the year ahead.

We absolutely love to hear such a fundamental aspect of kid’s health being endorsed and spoken about at such a grass roots level where it is needed most – in our children!

In a world where our children are constantly exposed to highly processed foods and food intolerances, digestive issues, impaired mental health and skin conditions are at an all time high, it is vital that we take action in order to prevent the detrimental health outcomes that follow. To repair the damage that our current lifestyle is having on our kids overall health we must first look at the root cause of dysfunction – the gut.

Why is gut health so important in our children?

  • The gastrointestinal (GI) system is the foundation of true health and immunity, with over 70% of our immune system lying within the gut.
  • There is approximately 3kg of bacteria in the gut – that’s more bacterial cells than human cells! Did you know that we are actually 90% bacteria? Mind blowing! What you eat really counts.
  • The gut is where we digest and therefore absorb nutrients. Prioritising gut health in our children will allow nutrients to be utilised efficiently, leading to enhanced brain function and energy levels.
  • A compromised GI tract, or more specifically imbalanced micro flora has been linked to a spectrum of behavioural disorders including autism and ADHD.
  • The outcome of bacteria imbalance, insufficient production of stomach acids, inflammation and gut permeability (also referred to as ‘leaky gut’) in our kids is associated with a number of skin conditions, including eczema.

The Details:

  • Sign up and receive FREE pantry staples recipes.
  • Receive 3-weeks of nutritionist-approved child friendly meal plans and recipes (including gluten and casein-free meal plans).
  • 9 modules are released every few days over 3-weeks with videos and exclusive content. All material is available for download over a 7-week period, from the course commencement date.
  • Receive regular emails to keep you on track.
  • Watch video interviews with national experts.
  • View cooking demonstrations.
  • Access tables, diagrams, and other exciting extras to put on the fridge.

Give your kids the healthiest start in life and sign up to Kids Health Australia’s e-course here.

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