Real Food Fat Loss (RFFL)

It’s about metabolic efficiency, not counting calories, starvation or restriction! This 12 week program will teach you how to eat well and change your body composition with a long-term and sustainable approach. Perfect for couples and families, and ideal if you are ready to break the dieting cycle once and for all.

Investment: $690

What you receive:

  • Your initial consultation (2 x 30 minutes);
  • A fully personalised nutrition program including real food education, supplementation advice, and metabolic regulation specific recipes;
  • Three follow up consultations, usually scheduled in 3-4 week intervals (30 minutes); and
  • Email support for your program duration (approximately 12 weeks).

Your RFFL program is available face-to-face or virtually.

(Please select ‘Appointments’ and either ‘Programs: Face-to-Face’ or ‘Programs: Virtual’, depending on your requirement).

Where to next? Following the completion of your program it is recommended that you move into our Accountability Program (AP). This is to ensure the longevity of your real food lifestyle and provide you with the necessary accountability. Please click here for more information.