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The number of consultation and program inquires we receive per day is increasing exponentially and we’re excited that so many of you have such fantastic health and wellness goals. To help reach you personally and streamline business here at TNN, we offer complimentary 15 minute Skype consultations. If you have questions you would like to discuss, if you are unsure which of our program options is most suitable for you, or if you would simply like to see if we are the right fit to help you achieve your goals, then please book your appointment below (Under ‘Consultations: Skype’).



Here’s what one of our long-term clients has to say:

“Steph has encouraged me to gradually reduce gluten and refined sugars from my daily nutrition. Like most people I had my daily habits and ‘normals’ so I was a little resistant to change. With her assistance I have been able to remove gluten from my life completely. At first it was overwhelming, but now I’m on gluten free ‘auto pilot’, I don’t know any different and it’s easy! I decided to make these changes to aid in recovery from training (Half ironman) and I have experienced the difference – it was actually almost immediate. However this was not the only thing to improve. Since going gluten and sugar free I am acne free, something I spent years and lots of dollars trying to improve to no avail. I also have less PMS and digestive symptoms which has improved my life immensely. The other awesome part was seeing my body fat drop for the first time in …. ever. It was always something I found very difficult regardless of training and being ‘healthy’. Thank you Steph for all your inspiration and recipes, your Raw Tahini Balls are my weekly staple that I can’t live without!”

You can read more about our program options here and if you don’t have Skype, you can set it up for free here!

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