5 Signs That You’re a Fat Adapted Athlete

Fat adaptation is the metabolic reorchestration from a predominant fuel source of glucose to a predominant fuel source of fat. In other words, when you are fat adapted, your body can recognise fat as its primary fuel source rather than carbohydrate. This is the preferred metabolic state of the human. The process of fat adaptation […]

The Real Food Athlete – now available!

**NOW AVAILABLE** We are beyond excited to share that The Real Food Athlete is now available worldwide. The Real Food Athlete is a culmination of our work since starting The Natural Nutritionist in 2011, and the formula we have used for the success of now thousands of athletes worldwide. Get your hands on a copy […]

New Recipe: Freedom Fuel Sports Chews

Did you know our Freedom Fuel (FF) doubles as sports chews? Simply make one serve and cut in squares to consume during training and racing. They are packed full of natural energy and electrolytes, and the addition of gelatin is perfect to support your gut health.  Ingredients (Serves 1; ~20g carbohydrates, 5g fat) 1/3 cup cold water 3½ tablespoons gelatin […]

Real Meals for Athletes is here!

Our next ebook, Real Meal for Athletes is now available online! Are you new to real food? Stuck for ideas? Or simply looking for quick and nutrient dense ways to fuel your week? In Real Meals for Athletes we provide you with: * The Why: your guide to real food; * The What: information on building […]