Let’s talk antioxidants. Quite simply they are molecules that inhibit oxidation (Get it? Anti-oxidants). Oxidation is a normal process that can be beneficial (like in wine making) or quite harmful in the case of oxidative stress, when antioxidant production does not meet oxidation requirements. Oxidative stress results in the production of free radicals, many of […]

Top Tips to Support Your Liver

Mango Chia Pudding

The first thing that comes to most people’s mind when you mention the liver is ‘liver detoxification’ and 5-day green juice cleanses. A proper liver detoxification protocol comprising phase 1 (detoxification) and phase 2 (elimination) can support the clearance of toxins from our body, however there are simple dietary and lifestyle changes we can implement daily […]

Low Iron? The Answer is Not Milo or Weet-Bix

Low Iron?

Recently I have had two separate conversations, both regarding women with low iron levels. In the first case, the Dietician’s recommendation was to drink Milo, because “it is high in both iron and calcium”. In the second case, the Doctor’s advice was to eat Weet-Bix, because “they are a good source of dietary iron”. We […]