Starting Your Preconception Journey

Everyone’s preconception journey is different, but what is important is that you have a plan in place to create optimal health for both you and your partner prior to conception, and an incredibly healthy pregnancy and entry into motherhood, whether it be your first time or now. I’ve put together some suggestions to help you […]

Infant Reflux & Losec

Infant Refllux_Blog

Let’s talk about infant reflux and Losec. Losec is a prescription medication that is a proton-pump inhibitor (PPI), prescribed as an acid suppressant for infant reflux. Before I can on, this has proven to be a triggering topic of conversation for some. What I am not saying is that Losec doesn’t give symptomatic relief, because […]

Why I Declined the OGTT in Pregnancy

Firstly, this is my personal experience with a low risk pregnancy, no prior history and no family history. I am not giving medical advice – please speak to your Dr first before making any decisions regarding your unique circumstances. I’m also not down playing the seriousness of gestational diabetes (GD) [ever], but sharing my experience […]