A Game Changing Approach to Plant Based Nutrition

So, you’ve just been reading up on plant based living. You’re considering the change and have found yourself here because you’re wondering, ‘can I be plant based and low carb/fat adapted’? Well, the answer is, yes! As we’ve discussed many times here at TNN, there are an array of benefits to being fat adapted. You don’t […]

On Sale: Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones

We’ve shared with you our thoughts on Nutritional Ketosis and Exogenous Ketones for Performance and we highlighted the emergence of exogenous ketone products and how they are best used. Let’s recap: Here’s why ketosis is so beneficial: Enhanced focus and mental clarity Access to clean energy Increased satiety and blood sugar control Fat loss without […]

Perfect Keto Bulletproof Coffee

Perfect Keto Bulletproof

No doubt you are now well aware how much we love a Bulletproof Coffee to start our day. Typically made with coffee, grass fed butter and MCT oil, it provides clean instant energy, promotes fat burning, increases mental output and can help to raise ketone levels. The problem with MCT oil however, is that even the smallest […]

How to be the healthiest vegan

You are most likely well aware of the benefits of being a fat adapted athlete. It’s a fallacy however, that this is a luxury only enjoyed by meat eaters. We are frequently asked this question and today, I set the record straight.  As an athlete wanting to maximise performance and minimise recovery time, your micronutrient […]