New Recipe: Super Green Pesto Pizza

If you’re a long time follower you’d know that we aren’t a fan of anything that comes out of a packet due to the processed nature of ingredients. However, when we came across Primal Alternative‘s Fat & Seedy Pizza Bases made from nothing but almond meal, sunflower seeds, free range eggs, olive oil, activated cashew […]

New Recipe: Vegan Buddha Bowl v2

Buddha bowls are such a quick and delicious way to ramp up your vegetable intake and create a satisfying plant-based meal. The addition of hummus, chilli flakes and lemon gives this dish a perfect flavour profile, we’ve included fermented vegetables for added gut benefits and the rest speaks for itself! Ingredients (Serves 2) 1 medium […]

New Recipe: Nutty MCT Protein Bars

We know how convenient it can be to grab a store-bought protein bar and run however have you ever taken the time to look at the ingredients list? You will find high amounts of added sugar and sweeteners, bulking agents and fillers, low-quality dairy and refined oils, just to name a few. These contain little […]

New Recipe: Quinoa Burger Salad

This recipe is the definition of a throw together, veggie packed dinner that the whole family will love! Implementing vegetarian meals and therefore a variety of antioxidant, phytonutrient and fibre rich foods is a great way to introduce diversity into your diet. This is key to optimal gut health and fuelling all those wonderful gut […]