Food Myths, Real Food & Transforming Your Metabolism

Steph Smoothie

Food Myths, Real Food & Transforming Your Metabolism

Steph Smoothie

Recently we’ve been sharing with you our top food myths – The Calorie Fallacy and The Saturated Fat-Heart Health Myth. We are now very excited to announce that you can get your hands on a copy of our recent seminar, ‘Food myths, real food & transforming your metabolism‘, where we explored these topics in detail, and share with you more food myths, health and wellness tips and so much more. Included you will learn:

  • Why we’re turning the food pyramid upside down;
  • Why calorie counting is a myth and how it is possible to never eat another low fat product;
  • The carbohydrate fallacy and how to effectively build your plate;
  • How constant snacking is sabotaging your health and wellness goals;
  • How saturated fats are the key to your energy, satiety, metabolic and long term health goals;
  • Why metabolic health is the answer to all of your health and wellness goals.

It’s time to clear the confusion and learn how simple it is to eat well, to look after your health not only today, but tomorrow.

To celebrate we have some amazing bonuses to share with you! If you purchase your copy of ‘Food myths, real food & transforming your metabolism‘ in the next 14 days, you will also receive:

  • A ‘Food myths, real food & transforming your metabolism’ seminar workbook, to help you take what you learn and apply it so you can start to transform your life;
  • A complimentary copy of our Low Carb Reset Pack, which includes both our LCHF 7-Day Meal Plan and Real Food Reset eBook;
  • Access to a 30-minute Q&A webinar with Steph, to ensure all of your questions and concerns are addressed.

Don’t miss out on this amazing offer, valued at over $150, for just $19.95.

Purchase your copy of Food myths, real food & transforming your metabolism today.

Please note: to receive your bonuses, please make sure you enter your email address under “Receive Updates” or alternatively, email More information regarding the Q&A webinar will be announced shortly.

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