Healthy Made Easy by Luke Hines – Book Review

Luke Hines is all about helping people live their best lives, taking a holistic approach which nourishes from the inside out. He is an international qualified personal trainer, certified functional nutritional therapy practitioner, published author, TV personality and one of our favourites here at TNN. 

His latest book, Healthy Made Easy, is all about celebrating real food that tastes great, is fun, sustainable and most importantly delicious.  Healthy Made Easy understands that we are all busy and provides us with recipes which are simple, nutritious and quick so that we can eat well and thrive.

The Highlights

  • Packed full of over 100 nutrient dense wholefood recipes – think seasonal vegetables and fruits, healthy fats and sustainable proteins. It’s hard to choose favourites but these are some of our top picks:
    • Cauliflower Toast with Guac and Eggs
    • Crispy Chicken and Bacon Sweet Potato Pockets
    • 4-minute Noodles
    • Pork and Fennel Burgers
    • Cookie Crumb
    • Nut Butter Cups
  • Provides healthy alternatives to dairy and sugar.
  • All recipes are gluten free.
  • Delicious and fuss free meals for any occasion or time of day.
  • Easy to understand answers to regularly asked real food questions.
  • Top 10 kitchen hacks.
  • Tips and tricks to save you both time and money in the kitchen.

We have to agree with Luke that time spent in the kitchen is the best happiness therapy. You can catch up on our recent chat with Luke on The Real Food Reel and read our review of Eat Clean here. Better yet, grab your signed copy of Healthy Made Easy today, you won’t be disappointed.

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