Introducing Melrose Organic MCT Powders!

I’m so excited to share the brand new product range from our friends at Melrose – their organic MCT powders!

The health benefits include: 

1. Clean instant energy
MCT powder provides an immediate energy boost with no subsequent blood sugar rollercoaster or crash. They are readily absorbed by the liver and stimulate the product of ketones, our alternate fuel source to glucose. Consume a scoop in your MCT Coffee before exercise for an incredible energy boost. 

2. Appetite control
MCT powder increases the release of satiety hormones, leptin and peptide YY, which stimulates feeling of fullness and supresses hunger. A serve of MCT powder in boiling water is a perfect way to avoid the dreaded 3.30-itis and its associated poor food choices that can often unravel our good intentions from earlier in the day.  

3. Promotion of fat burning
Fat burning, our natural metabolic state, is inhibited by excess carbohydrate consumption and/or chronic stress. MCT powder is a great way to get back into fat burning mode and as a result, control your cravings, body composition and extend your endurance potential. Fat burning is not just for weight loss – it is naturally anti-inflammatory with by-products of only carbon dioxide and water. The is the best metabolic state to promote for not only great health, but for avoiding many of our lifestyle diseases that are inflammatory in nature, including cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes and cancer. 

4. Increased mental output and improved brain health
Our brain is approximately 60% fat and requires good quality dietary fats to supports its structure and function. Fats are also how vitamins A, D, E and K, our fat soluble vitamins, are transported to the brain for use. MCT powder is made from pure coconuts, nutrient dense saturated fats that support not only your mental output but cognition, mood and long term brain health. Saturated fat is one of the main components of brain cells, and is neuroprotective to dementia and similar cognitive conditions that often stem from our low-fat ways of the past. 

5. Increased blood ketone levels
MCT powder increases blood ketone levels by approximately 1.0 mmol/L. This is what helps provides all of the above benefits and so much more. Ketones are well supported by the scientific literature to be beneficial for conditions including epilepsy, Angelman’s syndrome, traumatic brain injury, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. You can also consume a scoop with or after a meal you’ve consumed that is higher in carbohydrates, to get back into ketosis and avoid the dread blood sugar crash that would otherwise inevitably follow.  

The range

There are three incredible powders in the range, that are perfect served straight in boiling water, or in your morning MCT Coffee, chia puddings, healthy cookies and mug cakes, just to start.  

Why MCT powder?

MCT oil is an incredible ingredient but for some people, just a small amount can cause digestive stress and irritation. MCT powder on the other hand is easier on the digestive system, allowing a full serve and maximum health benefits to be obtained. Additional benefits include:

  • Portable and perfect for travelling. 
  • Adds a delicious creaminess to your MCT Coffee to keep you going for hours.
  • Can also be consumed on its own, as the perfect ketogenic beverage for non-coffee drinkers, and later in the day when you need the energy boost, but not necessarily another coffee. 

What else do Melrose organic MCT powders contain?

1. Acacia Fibre

Each powder within the range contains 25-30% acacia fibre, fibre sourced from the sap of the acacia tree. This not only contributes to your daily dietary fibre intake, but feeds the beneficial bacteria in your large intestine, helping to create a flourishing internal ecosystem. Acacia fibre has also been shown to allow an increased absorption of nutrients and to provide a barrier against pathogens being passed into the gut.

2. Superfoods

I love that the range also features matcha power, adaptogenic herbs and medicinal mushrooms. I have personally been using Lion’s mane and reishi for years now and I strongly believe in their many health benefits, including mood and sleep support, immune boosting and the management of inflammation.

How do I use MCT powder?

Start with my favourite quick and easy recipe:

Melrose MCT Mushroom Chai Coffee

Ingredients (Serves 1)


  1. Place coffee, MCT powder, ghee, boiling water and salt into a small blender. Blend on high speed for about 10 seconds until coffee is creamy and smooth. Remove from blender and serve immediately.

You can also check out our delicious Coconut Matcha Cookies here. Enjoy!

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