Join Us For ‘The Gut Connection’

I’m really excited to announce that our next event, ‘The Gut Connection’ has just gone live! In the first of our wellness nights for 2019, you will learn:

* The importance of real food for blood sugar control, an efficient metabolism and overall health;

* The importance of gut health and its significance for skin health, fat loss, inflammation and your longevity;

* Common gut imbalances and the associated natural treatment protocols;

* The significance of gut health testing and so much more. 

All tickets include light refreshments and a gift bag, including a copy of Low Carb Healthy Fat Nutrition by yours truly.

To ensure you don’t miss out, we’re running The Gut Connection on two evenings in June. Tickets are limited so please join us by securing your ticket below:

Not in Melbourne? Hit reply to let us know that you are interested and we’ll live stream you in to TNN HQ! The team and I are looking forward to hearing from you shortly.


  1. Shorty Clark

    Hi steph and Team.
    I am interested in hooking up via the Live Stream.
    Am 4 weeks into my LCHFE programme, and really liking it.

  2. Belinda Bayliss

    Hi. I’d be keen to live stream in.

    Kind regards

  3. Ella Dibbens

    Hi Iam interested however I live it port Pirie SA 5540

  4. Louise O'Connor

    Hi, I was wondering if it’s possible to join in the live stream for the gut connection seminar? I do live in Melbourne but in the north western suburbs and couldn’t make it to Sandringham in the evening. Thanks, Louise

  5. Annabel

    Hi guys, I’m in Sydney and interested in joining you for a webinar. Would love if you could tee it up. Cheers

  6. Elizabeth Charman

    HI Steph

    Not in Melbourne but very interested to “tune in”

  7. Shan

    Hi! I would love to come to this but I live in Sydney. I was wondering if I could live stream the night? Thanks 😊

  8. Ashleigh Croucher

    I’d love to join in via the live stream!

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