Low Carb Healthy Fat Nutrition – Pre-orders Available!

I am beyond excited to be able to share my latest project with you, Low Carb Healthy Fat Nutrition!

It’s been a labour of love more recently, but I’ve really been writing it since 2011, when I launched The Natural Nutritionist and set myself the mission of teaching the world the benefits of eating real food.

Included you will find:

  • Dietary Guidelines Gone Wrong
  • Why LCHF?
  • The Science Behind LCHF
  • The Importance of Metabolic Flexibility
  • Turning the Food Pyramid Upside Down
  • How to Build Your Plate
  • Starting LCHF – The Metabolic Grey Zone
  • The Importance of Gut Health
  • The Calorie Fallacy
  • The Carbohydrate Fallacy
  • The Snacking Myth
  • The Saturated–Fat Heart Health Myth
  • The LCHF Kitchen, including over 150 recipes and meal plans to suit your health goals.

A big thank you to Hachette Australia for helping me birth my first baby – it has really been a dream come true to work with the entire team.

Our official release date is 27.11.18 but pre-orders are now available! I’d be forever grateful if you would show your support and secure your copies online today. Just think how many Christmas stockings you’ll have organised ahead of time.


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