The Medicinal Meal Plans – Ebook Review + a giveaway for you!

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I hope you had a beautiful day yesterday with your loved ones. It’s Boxing Day today in Australia and business as usual here at TNN, but if you’re not ready to start thinking about more food, please flag this and come back to it before 2015 begins. If you are ready and perhaps needing to implement some structure after an indulgent December, then The Medicinal Meal Plans are just perfect for you. Read on for my review, plus find out how you can get your hands on a copy as part of our next giveaway here at TNN.

The Medicinal Meal Plans – Ebook Review + a giveaway for you!


The lovely Jess from Awaken Your Wellbeing and Claire from Claire’s Holistic Pursuits have combined forces and released an amazing series of ebooks titled The Medicinal Meal Plans, and I am thrilled to share this with you today at TNN.

I first heard about their series when they invited me to contribute to their ‘Anti-inflammatory Eating’ Meal Plan, which now features my very popular Green Vegie Slice.

What I love the most about The Medicinal Meal Plans is their focus on simple, fast and easy to prepare food. Something we are all about here at TNN.

To quote Jess and Claire: “..never fear, no recipes with 30 steps that take 48 hours to rise or dry….Yes, meal plans or recipes that contain highly exotic ingredients can be amazingly impressive to the eye, but would you ever actually progress past drooling at your screen and buy the ingredients to physically make it? (We’re feeling some shaking heads right about here).”

I know I wouldn’t, so I’m really happy to share this series with you. In addition to their ‘Anti-inflammatory Eating’ you will find meal plans for:

  • Your Real Food Reset;
  • Your Balanced Weight;
  • Support Your Stress; and
  • Thriving Vegetarian.

Each provides you will a 7-Day Meal Plan including Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. The guidelines are flexible, allowing you to follow each plan precisely, select recipes based on what ingredients you have in the kitchen, or select your favourites to repeat throughout the week. This structure is perfect to allow for the flexibility of your working week, while optimizing your nutrition with simple whole foods.

Please find out more about The Medicinal Meal Plans here and kick off the New Year with a guided approach to real food.

**G I V E A W A Y**

To win a copy of The Medicinal Meal Plans “Anti-Inflammatory Eating”, all you need to do is state in 25 words or less why you would love this beautiful ebook! Please post your answer below.

The winners will be announced on Tuesday January 6th, 2015. Best of luck x



  1. Pauline Georghiou

    I’d give this book as a farewell, Bon Voyage gift to my psoriasis that has bonded with me for 19yrs.

  2. Carmel

    Hello. I have an auto immune disease so I can’t take anti inflammatory. Currently I have a very inflamed neck joints. Would love how to reduce inflammation naturally. Xo

  3. Scott

    I would love to own this ebook so that I could prepare REAL food for my dumb, inflamed family and friends who need it 😉

  4. Emma Wilson

    I would love this e-book to kick start my 2015 year, I am in need of a boost to get my year started. This e-book would be perfect!

  5. Amelia O'Reilly

    Gosh! I am at the end of my rope with my hip seizing up endlessly. Something new to try would brighten my outlook into 2015.

  6. Mel fah

    ‘Anti-inflammatory Eating’ – exactly what I need to regain the energy to be the best Mum possible as I head back to work!

  7. Bindi

    Having just managed to get my graves back into remission & fixed a herniated disc so I can do more things, I’d really love a copy of the meal plan book to help me get back on track with healthy eating so I can have more energy to be more active. Sounds like it’s just the perfect next step I need!

  8. Gael Pettifer

    Anti-Inflammatory Eating! Sounds like a dream come true! There could be no better way to enhance feeling healthy, than to cook from this book!

  9. Annaleise streeter

    I would really love to win one of thee books because i look after my body very well and would like to know so much more about health and what else I can do to help me

  10. Daleen Potgieter

    Cutaneous scleroderma sufferer, affects my forearms and elbows. I know that this way of eating will give me relief 🙂

  11. Jenn

    To have a set plan – and more more more education! Please and thank you!

  12. Catherine

    After being on a course of cortisone I would love this to help me get my eating and weight under control again.

  13. Carly W

    I would love to win this book to help open new paths for me to take on my healing journey.

  14. Elle Polkinghorne

    I have been struggling with psoriasis for the past 6 months, I have had this previously in my life but not for this long. I have tried juice cleanses and cutting out gluten, grains and dairy and can only just manage the psoriasis to sometimes not be red raw, flaking and itchy. I would love to try your meal plan for some results.

  15. Ruth

    Specialists, prescription drugs, cortisone injections, disabling pain be gone! Medicinal eating, you are a welcome relief!

  16. Bronwyn Morris

    I need help and with this book I will be more educated about my health and be able to prepare healthy meals.

  17. kirsty

    I’m on a mission to get healthy and get my kids healthy so this would help get me confident in the kitchen, along with the food processor Santa delivered!

  18. Nicole

    I have physically and psychologically forgotten how to look after myself, and would love a chance to recalibrate my health. Thanks!

  19. Rosie abela

    I would love to rid my body of inflammation and start 2015 with a bang! and this book would help me do just that 😀

  20. Lauri MacDonald

    As an endurance athlete with arthritis in both of my knees, I am always looking for ways to fight inflammation.

  21. Shelley

    Over indulgence at Christmas, my body is feeling the consequences, this book will help me reset and get ready for my first ironman in March!!

  22. Ellie

    I would love to win Anti-Inflammatory eating to help better educate my family and friends. I am 22yrs old and finished my science degree and now beginning full time dancing and know the importance of living a balanced lifestyle and maintain my youth. I believe in order to do this you need to consume wholefoods from sustainable sources, regular exercise + weight bearing exercises and de-stress whatever way suits the personality. So simple.

  23. Angela Natoli

    I would love this ebook to help enhance my marathon training, assist in recovery and to provide assistance to my young family. Knowledge contained in an amazing book such as this is vital for ultimate health and well being

  24. Steph

    SO many amazing entries I agree! xo

  25. Judith Harris

    a book with difference! Just what I need to boost my vitality and give me a lift in my health and well-being and that of my loved ones.

  26. Rima

    Currently on the road to recovering from an eating disorder. This would definitely help and inspire me to let go and stop restriction.

  27. Lisa Young

    As a Chiropractic student I believe in creating a healing environment so that the body can use its innate wisdom to heal its self. The stress that modern “food like” substances place on our bodies needs to be replaced with the synchronicity and healing power of whole food. I would love to win Anti Inflammatory Eating so that I have another tool in my kit to help create wellness for as many as possible. Thank you for putting such wonderful products out there.

  28. Melanie

    I have psoriasis and recently suffered my first psoriatic arthritic episode in knees, I desperately want to avoid cortisone injections – your book is my remedy!!!

  29. Vicky

    My mind is boggled! Have information overload! Desperate for anti-inflammatory recipes but I’m lost in the Internet maze – this book would save me!

  30. Ange

    Steph, I would love to win a copy of your beautiful e-book, The Medicinal Meal Plans “Anti-Inflammatory Eating” to begin my healing journey from the inside out.

  31. Carly W

    I’m on the road to recovery from an eating disorder and trying my hardest to plan and be kinder to myself.

  32. Breanna Monck

    I would like to win this fabulous eBook, to guide me on my own path to wellness and lavishly garnish my body with medicinal goodness

  33. Carol rickards

    The more informed I am the healthier and fitter I become. I would truly love to win.

  34. Carolyn Grasby

    My daughter suffers from several chronic conditions which l believe are from over training. I discussed a low inflammatory diet to her dr who quickly informed me there is no such thing. Yet they gave me no answers as to the best way to manage these conditions other than constant anti inflammatory drugs.

  35. Deborah Stewart

    After living with Psoriasis for 37 years and going out in 40 degree heat with long sleeves and pants, your FFG, I Quit Sugar and Heal your Gut have all made a huge difference to my psoriasis and confidence – Anti Inflammatory Eating would be the icing on the cake!

  36. Craig O'Riley

    New Year, New Beginnings, New Foods, New Tastes, New Vision, New Path, New Life, New Power :).

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