Gut Health Pack


As Hippocrates said over 2000 years ago, “All disease begins in the gut.” Here at TNN we like to add, “…and so do does all health”. Your Gut Health Pack is one of the best ways to start to support your gut health journey and give your microbiome some love.



All health really does start in the gut and to simplify your journey, we have created a Gut Health Pack for you, containing:

  • Gevity Rx Bone Broth (390g) – a true superfood that supports gut health which relates to everything from immunity to brain health and inflammation control;
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (500ml) – great for digestive support, detoxification, blood sugar control and nature’s antimicrobial.
  • Wonder Foods FigaFibre (210g) – great for digestive support; formulation of prebiotics that act to provide fuel for the growth of good friendly flora;
  • Nutra Organics Collagen (225g) – essential for digestive integrity, skin, joint, bone and gut health;
  • Melrose Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil (250ml) – your fat burning essential, great for balancing gut bacteria and supercharging your morning coffee, aka MCT Coffee.
  • BioMedica Magnesium Powder (240g) – a magnesium deficient diet is associated with higher intestinal inflammation, and reduced Bifidobacterium, a major component of the gut microbiome, that produce vitamins and protects the gut from harmful pathogens.

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Weight 800 kg

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