Real food, efficient exercise and metabolic health

We’re touring!

In conjunction with Hardcore Brands we first hit Townsville to teach you the benefits of real food, efficient exercise and metabolic health.

In this 90-minute interactive seminar, you will learn:

  • Why we’re turning the food pyramid upside down;
  • Why calorie counting sucks and why you never need to eat another low fat product again;
  • How to move efficiently, whether it be to begin exercising or PB in an endurance event;
  • Why data can help you burn fat, avoid injuries, prevent overtraining, correct hormonal imbalances and avoid adrenal fatigue;
  • Why metabolic health is the answer to all of your health and wellness goals;
  • How to manage or even reverse your chronic disease with real food.

When: Saturday May 21st, 2016

Time: 3.00-4.30pm

Location: Mercure Townsville, 166 Woolcock St, Townsville 4812

This event is suitable for everyone from the couch, to Ironman and beyond. Learn how simple it is to eat and exercise well, to look after your health not only today, but tomorrow.

Bookings are free but please secure your place here:

Not in Townsville? Hit reply to let us know where you’d like to see us visit next. 


  1. Jess

    Newcastle (direct flights from Melbourne too)!

  2. Deb Barron

    Melbourne please Steph 🙂
    Or Cairns between 22-28 May.

  3. Michelle Lawrence

    Love to see you in Perth. I know it’s expensive though 🙂

  4. Sandy Brown

    Love to see you visit Canberra.

  5. Rachel

    Please come to Brisbane! ?

  6. Denise Langler

    Sunshine Coast would be fantastic

  7. Anna

    Any visits to Brisbane on the cards?

  8. Jess

    Newcastle! And this is a different Jess!!!

  9. Rebecca

    Melbourne bayside please ?

  10. doreen lauder

    are you coming to Melbourne at all

  11. Leah Izzini

    Would love to meet you in Adelaide!!!

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