TNN Fuelling Pack

$149.95 / month

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Support your fat adaptation journey with a key fueling pack including SuperStarch, VFuel and Perfect Keto MCT Powder. Click here for your ideal dosage recommendations.



The TNN Fuelling Pack contains:

  • Generation UCAN SuperStarch – 12 pack
  • VFuel Starter Pack – 7 gels
  • MCT Powder – 30 serves

Ideal dosage recommendations:

  • Generation UCAN SuperStarch – take 1 serve/hour beyond the fasted component of your endurance exercise. The perfect fuel to support fat burning. Read more about SuperStarch here.
  • VFuel Starter Pack (7 gels) – the world’s first endurance gel that includes digestible (read: fructose free) carbohydrates in combination with saturated fats (medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil). Say good bye to gastro-intestinal upset and extend the longevity of your fuel in training and racing. Read more about VFuel here.
  • MCT Powder – provides clean instant energy, promotes fat burning, increases mental output and can help to raise ketone levels. Make a Perfect Keto Bulletproof today!

Please note this is a recurring monthly subscription. You can cancel your subscriptions anytime with a few clicks. Questions? Contact us here.

The TNN Fuelling Pack is subject to price increases based on product market value increases.

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