TNN Supplement Pack

$149.95 / month

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Support your health with a key supplement pack including magnesium powder, fish oil capsules and vitamin C. Click here for your ideal dosage recommendations.



The TNN Supplement Pack contains:

  • Magnesium Powder – 200g
  • DHA/EPA (Fish Oil) Capsules – 100C
  • Vitamin C Powder – 200g

Ideal dosage recommendations:

  • Magnesium Powder – please start with 1 teaspoon/day dissolved in water, ideally before bed to assist with exercise recovery, adrenal support, stress management, hormonal balancing, relaxation and enhanced sleep. Read more about magnesium here.
  • DHA/EPA (Fish Oil) Capsules – for natural inflammation control, blood sugar regulation and heart health, take 3 capsules/day, morning or night.
  • Vitamin C Powder – take 1 teaspoon per day, easily mixed with your magnesium powder. Perfect for enhanced immunity, exercise recovery, cortisol control and adrenal support. Read more about vitamin c here.

Please note this is a recurring monthly subscription. You can cancel your subscriptions anytime with a few clicks. Questions? Contact us here.

The TNN Supplement Pack is subject to price increases based on product market value increases.

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Weight 700 g


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