Supercharged Food – Book Review

I’ve owned Supercharged Food for a long time now and highly recommend it anyone looking for nutrient-rich kitchen inspiration. Written by the lovely Lee Holmes, Supercharged Food contains over 90 recipes that are all free of gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast and sugar. Just perfect in my opinion. 

About Lee

Lee is a Sydney based author, wholefoods chef and certified holistic health and wellness coach. Earlier this year Lee was awarded as the winner of the Bupa Health Blog Awards (Healthy Eating Category), which was very much deserved if you ask me. In addition to her wonderful books and blog, Lee is a tireless campaigner, working on improving the food in New South Wales (NSW) Hospitals with her petition, which you can read more about here. The great news is that this resulted in the NSW Government rolling out a new hospital menu in selected hospitals. More on this to come no doubt.

About Supercharged Food

From drinks and milks, to dips and snacks, to desserts and baked goods, Supercharged Food covers everything. My favourite recipe is most definitely the Aromatic herb & garlic crackers, which are made from a simple handful of ingredients and are packed full of nutrients. I’ve always been partial to crackers (and dip), and just love this idea as it’s not only gluten free, but also grain free unlike mainly store-bought gluten free alternatives. Please aim for nutrient dense foods wherever possible and limit your intake of grains.

Supercharged Food

In addition to the huge selection of delicious recipes, Supercharged Food also contains such highlights as:

  • Ten superstar superfoods
  • Detoxers and natural cleansers
  • Foods to avoid
  • Getting started and a 7-day meal plan
  • And much more!

Supercharge your life with Supercharged Food. Click here to purchase your copy!

In other news…

Recently, Lee has also just released a Supercharged Foods for Kids Ebook which contains recipes such as Cacao Bomb Crackles (a healthy version of Coco Pops), Cauliflower Mac and Cheese, and Crunchy Chicken Drummers. There is again over 90 recipes in total, as well as a shopping list, a Monday to Friday Lunchbox menu and so many fantastic and fun lunchbox ideas! At just $18, all parents should own a copy of this one. Grab your copy of Supercharged Foods for Kids Ebook here.

Do you already own a copy of Supercharged Food? What is your favourite recipe?

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