Supplement of the Month: Vitamin C

In the next instalment of our ‘Supplement of the Month’ series we discuss vitamin C. To catch up on the series, please click here.

Please note: this is obviously not individual prescription, but rather general information to get you considering what else may improve your current situation. The fact is that if you’re buying supplements, we’d much rather you make an informed decision than spend your money unnecessarily, or make an incorrect choice simply because certain companies spend millions of dollars on their campaigns, to convince you that your favourite athlete or celebrity actually uses their product.

In an ideal world you would work with your practitioner and develop your protocol around blood tests results and specific requirements. For such personalised assistance, please find out more about how we can help here.

Our view at TNN is that supplements do have their place in some instances. We need to consider factors such as modern agriculture, soil quality, genetics, training load and recovery and situational circumstances, but please use the following steps in order before developing your supplement protocol.

#1 Prioritise real food.

#2 Prioritise food quality.

#3 Prioritise lifestyle changes. Control your stress, sleep well and love deeply as I always say.

#4 Supplement if necessary.

Ok, let’s dive in.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential water-soluble vitamin that is used as a cofactor for enzymatic reactions such as collagen synthesis, wound healing and capillary health. Humans have lost the ability to synthesis vitamin C from monosaccharides (unlike plants, reptiles and birds) and it therefore must be obtained exogenously. As it is water-soluble, excess will be excreted via the urine, but this also means that a constant supply must be obtained.

Vitamin C is great for:

  • Enhanced iron absorption
  • Skin integrity
  • Immunity
  • Cortisol control
  • Exercise recovery, via its antioxidant capacity
  • Research now also suggests that decreasing free radicals may also assist with cancer, heart disease and arthritis.

Food sources of vitamin C are: fruit and vegetables, in particular kale, broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries and kiwi fruit.

Choosing to supplement? TNN recommends:

Orthoplex Ultra Buffered C Powder*

Melrose Vitamin C

*The highest-quality practitioner-only brand/s. When you become a client of TNN you will have access to these. The additional brands are available from your local health food and/or chemist.

Directions: When it comes to vitamin C, please select a powder for greater absorption. Please start with one teaspoon dissolved in water, and ideally before high intensity exercise to assist with cortisol control.


Please consult your health practitioner prior to supplementation if your have hemochromatosis or are still taking statin drugs.

If you experience stomach upset or diarrhea, please decrease your dosage by half, or change to every second day.

Do you use vitamin C? Share your successes below!


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Image credit here.


  1. helena scuglia

    Thanks so much for suggesting these Vit C brands. Ive heard Vit c is effective to help combat cancer. Concerning a tumour in the lung, Is there any other vitamin or supplement that will promote optimum healing ? Will a vegan diet with lots of greens and antioxidant rich fresh produce be enough?

  2. Steph

    Hi Helena, this is a very individual answer and we are not able to efficiently answer this without a full case history, blood screen and food diary.

  3. renae smith

    I was experiencing pain in my toes, I got scans and nothing showed up. I started taking vitamin c buffered powder at it has helped almost instantly.. I notice when I stop taking it the pain comes back.

  4. Elyse Lagos

    Hi Renae, great to hear you have had success using vitamin C powder. It may be worth your while undertaking a blood test to assess any underlying issues and therefore the need to rely on a supplement, if you need further assistance, feel free to email us on

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