5 Signs That You’re a Fat Adapted Athlete

Fat adaptation is the metabolic reorchestration from a predominant fuel source of glucose to a predominant fuel source of fat. In other words, when you are fat adapted, your body can recognise fat as its primary fuel source rather than carbohydrate. This is the preferred metabolic state of the human. The process of fat adaptation […]

New Recipe: Tomato & Capsicum Soup with Prawns

Tomato & Capsicum Soup with Prawn

It’s hopefully the last of the cooler weather here in Victoria. Our Tomato and Capsicum Soup with Prawns is a divine way to stay warm, and support your gut health and immunity with the inclusion of chicken broth. Find out more about the benefits of broth here.  Ingredients (Serves 2) 2 red capsicums ½ tablespoon cold-pressed extra virgin coconut […]

New Recipe: Mushroom Burgers

Who doesn’t love a burger? This is a great LCHF version that everyone will enjoy, and it will be on your plate in 10 minutes. Fast food at its finest.  Ingredients (Serves 2) 4 Portobello mushrooms 1 teaspoon thyme leaves 75g goat’s feta 2 rashers pasture-raised bacon, grilled 2 eggs, free range, fried ½ tomato, sliced 1 avocado, smashed 1 […]

The Real Food Athlete – pre-sale on now!

**PRE-SALE ON NOW** We are beyond excited to share that The Real Food Athlete is now available for pre-sale! The Real Food Athlete is a culmination of our work since starting The Natural Nutritionist in 2011, and the formula we have used for the success of now thousands of athletes worldwide. Be the first to […]