Bare Blends Matcha Green Tea Smoothie

I can’t go past a smoothie. When you get the balance of macronutrients right, it should provide you with a nutrient dense meal that fuels you for four or more hours. To do this, at least two portions of good fats and two cups of green vegetables with your good quality protein powder. Be careful […]

Egg Free Breakfast Hash

Egg Free Breakfast Hash

This is the perfect breakfast. It also works well served cold for lunch, so make extra serves as required. Starting your day with good fats, protein and plenty of greens is the key to nourishment, blood sugar regulation, satiety, craving control, weight management and long-term health. Ingredients (Serves 1) ½ cup pumpkin, chopped 1 tablespoon grass-fed butter […]

Last chance to access my Triathlon World Summit presentation for free!

Hi team, I hope you are enjoying the Triathlon World Summit? I absolutely loved Phil Maffetone’s presentation ‘The Investment You Need to Make to Consistently Perform and Create Long Term Health’ which aired earlier this week. Phil is a leading expert in our field and covered all things fat adaptation, gut health, stress and effective […]

Train low, race high – the key to your endurance success?

As endurance athletes we don’t need to completely restrict carbohydrates, but time them effectively day-to-day and use them strategically in training and racing. This is known as “train low, race high” and it could be the key to your endurance success. Here’s why: 1. Fasted training, when practiced in training (ideally in the ‘off-season’) for […]