New Recipe: Almond & Banana Chia Pudding 

Almond & Banana Chia Pudding

A simple nutrient dense breakfast or an afternoon pre-training snack.  Ingredients (Serves 1) ¼ cup chia seeds 200ml coconut milk 1 vanilla pod 1 teaspoon rice malt syrup, plus extra for topping 1 banana, for topping Crushed almonds, for topping Extras: coconut yogurt, cinnamon Method Soak chia seeds in coconut milk with vanilla pod and rice […]

How long does it keep you full for?

Most days I get asked questions such as, ‘Can I have oats for breakfast?”… “Are rice cakes a good choice?”… “Can I eat x?”…. “What about y?”… The answer is often the same question: How long does it keep you full for? Satiety | sa-ti-ety | noun: a feeling or condition of being full after eating food. Here’s why you need to […]

Join us on the Gold Coast in February!

This one’s for the ladies today team. Perhaps you could hit forward and share with a friend? **FEMALE TRIATHLON RETREAT** Join Holistic Endurance on the Gold Coast this February for 4 days of training and 3 nights away in sunny QLD! Learn from two of Victoria’s leading female Triathlon Coaches as they share with you the foundations of […]

My Goodness Organics – for when you need a break from the kitchen

This year my life has gone from quiet and controlled, to busier (and happier!) than ever. Now, I wouldn’t have it any other way, but it does mean the need to call on a little help from time to time. Yes, even a Nutritionist needs her meals taken care of some days.  Enter My Goodness Organics. […]