Team TNN News – October 2014

Hi team,

I wanted to share the latest news with you, to ensure you are updated with what’s happening behind the scenes here at The Natural Nutritionist (TNN). TNN exists for you, so it is important to me that you stay in the loop, feel like you can provide feedback, and have involvement in the growth of our team.

The big change for you personally is that my Business Development Manager, Katee from Spreadsheets & Dreams, has come on board in a greater capacity as of this month. Katee has been with me since the start and knows TNN back to front, so I’m very excited that we are able to grow TNN together. From your point of view, Katee will be answering some inquires, so no doubt you will get to e-meet her soon. Behind the scenes Katee works tirelessly on the smooth running of TNN and has the largest skill set of anyone I’ve ever met. Katee also has a background in nutrition and physiology, is a qualified triathlon coach, and has been following TNN nutrition principles herself for more than five years. She is seriously one amazing human. If you’d like to say hi to Katee and welcome her to the team, please email

Since the launch of our new website, TNN’s Team has grown exponentially. Our goal is to make this really work for you, so it would mean a great deal if you could please let us know the following:

Do Friday emails work for you? If not Friday, when? Please comment below or contact us here.

Secondly, TNN’s team email list will be cleaned up in the coming month. If you no longer wish to be a part of TNN’s Team, please unsubscribe at the bottom of your weekly ‘Team TNN News!’ email. I promise I won’t take it personally, but I welcome your feedback as to why. Those of you still on TNN ‘s Team email list, but not opening your emails or staying involved via social media, will eventually be removed from the list. We have chosen to do this as we wish to manage our team in the most effective way, and ensure there is room for new members to join our team. You can always re-subscribe at, but the short term solution is to open your weekly “Team TNN News!” email and stay involved! We love having you here.

Behind the scenes I’m busy working on some big projects for you and will be announcing these shortly. For now, if you haven’t checked out the new site, please do so here. As always, we’d love to hear what you think.

Be well,

Team TNN x


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  1. Katharine Porter

    Congrats Katee! I’m sure the business will continue its upward trajectory. Thanks for all the tips and recipes – it has helped me immensely in my “new me” journey.

  2. Shelley

    Love Friday emails.. Always set aside time Friday evening to read.. If you sent it during the week I wouldn’t have enough time to read it properly

    Keep up the good work

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