What our clients say

Ross Kinsella
"Through one on one ongoing education with Steph Lowe and through my own research I now have the knowledge to understand that each meal needs to be based around protein and good fats to gain satiety. I am now gluten free, dairy free and sugar free as much as possible and I have never felt better. Through eating natural and wholesome food I feel in control of my training and life as a Sports Physiotherapist. Thanks TNN!"
APA titled Sports Physiotherapist
Age group long course triathlete and marathoner
Bernadette Robinson
"Thank you for all your help and guidance in helping me become an endurance athlete. With your nutrition tips I am eating much healthier and training for longer, and have now completed my first two long course triathlons and a 170km ride. Your book “The Real Food Athlete” has been an invaluable source of information and I am now making my own energy bars and gels from memory as I have made the recipes up so many times. I feel confident that I am well on my way to achieve my goal of becoming an Ironman this year. Thank you!"
Age group long course triathlete
Catherine O'Loughlin
"Thank you so much for your support and help with getting my legs over the line I’m proud to be able to say I’m a New York Marathon Finisher! I managed it in 4:11hrs which I’m pretty happy with considering I climbed 5 x bridges & jostled amongst 50,000 people trying to achieve the same thing. I felt fantastic for the entire duration and never once hit a low point, which I am shocked about. It’s amazing how good nutrition and preparation carries you through!"
Marathon runner
Katee P
"Steph has encouraged me to gradually reduce gluten and refined sugars from my daily nutrition. Like most people I had my daily habits and ‘normals’ so I was a little resistant to change. With her assistance I have been able to remove gluten from my life completely. At first it was overwhelming, but now I’m on gluten free ‘auto pilot’, I don’t know any different and it’s easy! I decided to make these changes to aid in recovery from training (half Ironman) and I have experienced the difference – it was actually almost immediate! However this was not the only thing to improve. Since going gluten and sugar free I am acne free, something I spent years and lots of dollars trying to improve to no avail. I also have less PMS and digestive symptoms which has improved my life immensely. The other awesome part was seeing my body fat drop for the first time in …. ever. It was always something I found very difficult regardless of training and being ‘healthy’. Thank you Steph for all your inspiration and recipes, your Raw Tahini Balls are my weekly staple that I can’t live without!"
Triathlon Coach, Holistic Endurance
Age group long course triathlete, Ironman Busselton
Lisa K
"I can’t sing the praises of The Natural Nutritionist (TNN) enough. When I embarked on training for my first marathon last year, I soon became disillusioned by the running community’s ‘pasta party’ approach to nutrition. Having grown up in a healthy household, I knew there was a way to achieve optimum sports performance using natural and unrefined foods. Steph took me through the whole process; from educating me on recovery after training sessions, right through to fuelling during the marathon. I finished my first marathon fifteen minutes quicker than my goal time and had sustained energy throughout. A personalised nutrition plan was a key piece to my training and recovery puzzle. Thanks TNN!"
Age group long course triathlete
Andie Mc
"I knew I suffered from a severe gluten intolerance, having pain most days so severe I could barely breathe and had to lay very still with heat bags for hours at night. I was introduced to The Natural Nutritionist (TNN) by a triathlon coach I was working with and while looking at her website, found she did virtual consultations. Thinking I had nothing to lose I booked a series of consultations and I have never looked back. TNN helped me to ditch gluten, grains and cereals and the impact on my body was immediate. Having the team at TNN there to help guide me through the process was invaluable. I knew I should have done it sooner but never quite knew how. As an endurance athlete herself, Steph could also help me in fuelling for training and race day during long distance triathlons. Once again, huge success on race day for me. I would thoroughly recommend TNN‘s services to anybody even thinking about a healthier lifestyle. Thanks for everything TNN!"
Endurance runner
Ray Webb
"How do I know the cleanse worked? I conducted full blood tests (FBE) before and after the program, which provided ‘irrefutable evidence’ that areas of concern have significantly improved without antibiotics, drugs or any medical support. Additionally on almost all levels of evaluation there has been improvement – haemoglobin, protein, B12, PSA, glucose etc. This nutrition program is now a life time strategy and I will be visiting with The Natural Nutritionist regularly to explore ways to continually improving my nutrition intake into the future."
Marathon Runner, training for sub 3 hours
Sussan F
"It has been just over 2 weeks since I completed The Natural Nutritionist (TNN)’s B2B program. I can highly recommend the program and the support I had from Steph along the way. I was week 3 into my 15 week Auckland Marathon training program and thought this was a great way to reset my system. I have never felt better….I was training better and stronger. I was also recovering from my training sessions really well. Fuelling for my long runs was easy with homemade gels of coconut water, chia seeds and berries. Since completing this I have continued with some of the changes I made during the 6 weeks and 4 weeks out from the marathon I am feeling great! Thanks TNN for all your support and encouragement!"
Marathon Runner, New York Marathon
Mick G
"In my first year of triathlon I consumed an enormous amount of carbs and sugar. Sure there were plenty of vegies and protein, but it eventually caught up with me. I went on to battle through chronic fatigue and poor results from training for about 12 months. Then I met Steph at The Natural Nutritionist (TNN), and slowly I have changed my eating habits, eating only gluten free and natural products. Thanks to TNN, I’ve learned a lot about my body and what it needs to recover and perform. I’ve shaved minutes of all my races and certainly would not have managed to qualify for age group world titles if I was still eating gluten and sugar on a daily basis."
Age group long course triathlete, Ironman Melbourne and Ironman Busselton