The Detox Diaries – Six Weeks Complete

On Monday July 14th I commenced a six week specialised gut detox. I started the detox to address my unexplained fatigue, to enhance my half Ironman preparation, and as a personal challenge to go without coffee and alcohol for an extended period of time. I knew the food side of the equation wouldn’t be too different to how I normally eat, but I also want to take a break from dairy and then mindfully introduce to properly assess my body’s response and tolerance. Read on to find out how I went, plus what permanent changes I’m making now that my initial six weeks are complete.

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The positives
I honestly never thought I would ever go six weeks without coffee, so I am proud to say that I made it. It wasn’t easy initially, but I adjusted (eventually) and seem to have reset my system nicely. My sleep has improved significantly, I’m waking more refreshed, and my productivity has increased. I’m not going to lie, one of the first things I did this morning was head to Garage Espresso for my coconut latte, but my goal is to keep it to one per day and most often, pre-training. The benefit of this is that my body can utilise the caffeine, and as I train fasted, it offers fat adaptation and associated performance benefits. Remember, caffeine is a dose dependent drug – positive in small doses, but in excess it is depleting on our adrenals and over time can elevate cortisol levels, one of the significant contributing factors to unexplained abdominal fat gain. If you’re drinking more than two cups per day, it’s time to consider the real reason/s why you’re needing the constant “pick-me-up”.

The challenges
The main challenge I faced during the detox was eating out. I always eat gluten free and refined sugar free, and my regular cafe and restaurant choices allow for this, but I found it surprising how often dairy is used. To keep it simple I cooked more at home, frequented Patch Cafe in Richmond, and when I ate out elsewhere, a simple conversation with the waiter was all that was required. So all-in-all it was only a minor challenge, but something to take into consideration if you’re going to join me on this journey. More on this come!

The overall result
As I mentioned in my previous summaries, my fatigue has lifted exponentially, I no longer need a nap after a long run, my recovery has improved and I’m now running injury free. I can’t attribute all of this to the detox, but I can definitely say I’m feeling the healthiest I have in some time. Longer term I have some additional health goals, which I will share when the time comes, but for now I’m making a conscious decision to keep things relatively consistent, at least until after my next race. I’ll have a little butter and Goat’s feta, one coffee per day, one margarita tonight to celebrate, but other than that, I’m really happy with this new way of living.

Are you ready to join me?
Now, for the big news! Inspired by the last six weeks and the benefits I have also seen in the team I completed this detox with, my Back-to-Basics (B2B) Cleanse is back and bigger than ever! To include the benefits of deeper level detoxification, my program will now run for six weeks and include the specialised gut detox specific supplements I have been taking over the last six weeks. I want you to experience the benefits of detoxification and find out how good you can really feel. I am now taking expressions of interest for those ready to join me on this journey, so please click here to find out more.

Fatigue and injury, as well as recurrent illness or allergies, unexplained weight gain, and weight loss plateaus are just some of the reasons why your gut health needs to be addressed at a deeper level. Find out how good you can feel with six weeks of clean living. Email me for more information today!

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