The Nutrition Hall of Shame

I shared this on instagram last week and it sparked quite the conversation…

I couldn’t stop at 10, so here are the top 12 myths of the last five decades – forever known as the Nutrition Hall of Shame. What did I miss? Are there any you are surprised about?

  1. Calories are all that matter.
  2.  Eat every 2-3 hours to speed up your metabolism.
  3.  Sugar is healthy and will curb your hunger.
  4.  Fat will make you fat.
  5.  Saturated fat causes heart disease.
  6.  Eggs are unhealthy.
  7.  Use magarine instead of butter.
  8.  Canola oil is heart healthy.
  9.  Salt causes high blood pressure.
  10.  Drink milk for strong bones.
  11.  Follow the Heart Foundation Tick.
  12.  Follow the Health Star Rating.

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