What can I drink this Christmas?

You’re gluten and sugar free. Congratulations! But that doesn’t mean Christmas needs to be fun free. Have a drink or two, but keep within these guidelines, and you will (hopefully) avoid going up a belt buckle by January.

  • Wine

The good news is that the fermentation process leaves minimal fructose when alcohol is formed from grapes. Choose: red over white as it contains the lowest fructose content.

  • Spirits

White spirits such as vodka and gin and dark spirits like rum and whiskey are low in fructose. Mix them with soda water and fresh lime and you have the perfect refreshing Christmas beverage. Avoid: mixers such as soft drink, tonic water and juice.

  • Beer

The sugar in beer is maltose and can be well metabolised by our bodies in comparison to fructose. Choose: O’Brien Beer, as it is gluten free or even better, Burleigh Brewing Co. as it is zero carbohydrate.

The not so good news

I’m sorry to break it to you, but unfortunately champagne and dessert wine don’t make the cut. Both retain high amounts of fructose and should be drunk with caution. By all means have one champagne to toast, but then switch to vodka, soda water and lime. I will be.

What about cocktails? The short answer is no. Most are packed full of sugar and empty calories to boot. I have more good news though. You can easily make your own! Check out this great idea from the team at I Quit Sugar for some inspiration.

Here’s to a gluten free and sugar free festive season!  TNN x

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