Gutalicious by Kirsty Wirth & Jordan Pie – Book Review + a giveaway for you!

If you’ve been following TNN for a while you will know that gut health drives our overall health and wellbeing. You’ll also know that we are huge fans of the team at Kultured Wellness, a company led by Kirsty Wirth, dedicated to providing education, knowledge and products for optimum health, with a strong focus on gut health, not to mention the creator of beautiful yoghurt and kefir culture starters.

“When the balance is swayed towards the beneficial bacteria we feel full of energy, positive, sleep well, have the motivation to fulfil our goals and be free of pain and disease”

Kirsty has joined forces with Jordan Pie, a qualified nutritionist and GAPS practitioner to deliver Gutalicious – a beautiful collection of over 150 sweet and savoury gut friendly recipes complete with important information on the gut.

The Highlights

  • Packed full of over 150 sweet and savoury gut friendly recipes nutrient dense wholefood recipes – think seasonal vegetables and fruits, healthy fats and sustainable proteins. It’s hard to choose favourites but these are some of our top picks:
    • Coconut Green Smoothie
    • Keto Banana Pancakes with Berry Coconut Cream
    • Raspberry, Passionfruit & Coconut Kefir Ice Block
    • Activated & Cultured Cashew Butter – need we say anymore!
  • Gut friendly meals for any occasion or time of day including ketogenic treats.
  • Recipes which are easy to understand, family friendly and guaranteed to balance your biome and nourish your brain.
  • A whole chapter dedicated to fermented food covering everything from fermented cashew cheese to fermented fruit yoghurt.
  • Beautiful imagery.
  • Tips, tricks and important up to date information on our gut microbiome.

To celebrate the launch of Gutalicious, we have a copy to give away. To be in the running, post below in 25 words or less why you want your own copy! Competition closes midday Tuesday April 3rd with our winner announced on our Facebook page that afternoon. 

If you want to learn more about all things gut health please join Steph and Kirsty at our upcoming event, Getting to the Guts of Energy for Health & Performance, on Sunday April 22. It is an event not to be missed.

*Congratulations to Rebecca on being the lucky recipient of  Gutalicious, we hope you enjoy it*


  1. Rebecca Daxter

    Gut Repair
    Unique Recipes
    Taste Sensations
    A Kulture Change
    Learning New Ways
    I Matter
    Interesting Ideas
    Open to Change
    Understanding Health
    Sharing Knowledge

  2. Helen

    I’d love this because we’ve just had our first daughter & this is the perfect time to start eating well as a family!

  3. Gloria Craigie

    Struggling with health issues need help. This would be a start i hope.

  4. Ashleigh Croucher

    I have the book but would love to gift to my Mum who’s got gut issues and just had surgery

  5. Jacqueline Tol

    this is the perfect next step in my Well Being journey. This would help me concentrate more on the gut, more important as i get older.

  6. Teresa Pincombe

    I need help with my gut, had parasites in my tummy a couple of years ago, are taking probiotics, also I have IBS.

  7. Gina

    As a clinical dietitian specialising in gut health, this book could be perfect to share with clients to help with easy meal ideas and for gut health education!

  8. Ali Pottinger

    I’ve been reading up about gut health and I have been making changes to my diet as a result. I’d LOVE to read this book.

  9. Emma Madden

    Like many, I’m very gut health conscious. I would love to explore the wonderful ways of nurturing my gut with this book in hand.

  10. Jess Marzato

    I love my volume of ‘The Real Food Athlete’ but my current Ironman training is taking a toll on my gut, it doesn’t feel right.

  11. CindyC

    Love to Cook, Bake & Eat!
    Long running gut health problem,
    My Gut do not Agree with what I consume,
    Need to Win Book to Guide me to the Correct Path,
    A Brand New Healthy ME & Family! 😉

  12. Lucy Schmidt

    I’d love a copy GUTALICIOUS! I’m a first year Bachelor of Health Science student and I’m fascinated by gut health. This book looks awesome.

  13. Susan

    Just started creating my first kefir batch. Would love to further my gut health journey by creating and trying some of the recipes from Gutalicious.

  14. Amie White

    I have been battling Anorexia for 4 years and want to repair myself in the best ways possible!

  15. Mel Dunn

    I suffer from IBS and need inspiration to eat well and enjoy food again.

  16. Rebecca

    I’d love to own this book to help take my and my family’s healthy lifestyle to the next level.

  17. Kim crowther

    A gift for my mum. I’ve been helping her restore her gut after 20yrs on laxatives & now thyroid issues. Would be a great help!

  18. Emily Orchard

    I’d love to receive this book so I can empower my clients to make healthy, delicious recipes to strengthen their guts and improve their health.

  19. Kat Gorey

    I would love this book so I can cook these recipes to improve my gut health. I am ordering some kulchered wellness next week to get me started

  20. Rebecca

    My mother-in-law has recently been diagnosed with dementia. I believe this book will help promote healthy, tasty, nourishing eating, subsequently reducing or delaying symptoms. X

  21. Belinda

    Recently being diagnosed with radiation induced proctitis after chemo, gut health needs to be my priority – I need all the help I can get.

  22. Stacey Hatfield

    This book would motivate me and inspire me to finally focus on my gut health! also if it’s gutalicious it should make me stace-alicious!

  23. Liesl

    Want to help my whole family improve their gut health, with all four of us having multiple food allergies and intolerances.

  24. Kerry Wilson

    With lifelong gut issues, I would love this book for inspiration, motivation and direction to get my health, and gut, back on track.

  25. Samantha Ashley

    Having suffered with gut issues most of my life Gutalicious would be an amazing tool to improve mine and my families gut health

  26. Sarah

    I’m struggling with coping with coeliac and this could be the lifesaver I’m after. Would be most grateful to receive a copy of Gutalicious.

  27. Dave Van Der Hoeven

    I’ve read about a connection between gut health and mental health. My son has issues with both, I’m keen to explore it for my family.

  28. Natalie

    Yay! What a great giveaway! I’m struggling with IBD for years. Since I was introduced to lchf and keto diet I’m in search of exciting recipes, inspiration, nutriotion advices and tips to eat healthy.

  29. Laura Bond

    Wanting to improve my health and wellbeing by taking better care of my gut. Gutalicious would be the perfect kickstarter to improving my gut health

  30. Belinda

    Slowly changing the way I treat my body this year and this book would be like a golden path to follow on my journey 🙂

  31. Fiona

    Love learning about gut heath, healing and having different healthy recipes for me and my family. Would love to add this one to my collection.

  32. Renee Ballantyne

    My lifestyle is all about balance, exercise and living well so I think I’d really benefit from this

  33. Tammerly

    Gutalicious is calling my name! Enduring a lifetime of gluten intolerance, the journey has not been an easy one and I’m still finding my way.

  34. Jessica Redmond

    Gift to sister (nurse), her hubby & 1-year old (daycare) – improve resistance to infection, chance of conception and ensure bubs thrive with great gut health.

  35. Elyse Lagos

    Congratulations Rebecca! You are the winner of our Gutalicious book giveaway! We will send you an email shortly to get all the details we need x

  36. Kiah

    Our darling little almost-one-year-old boy hasn’t yet had a sound night sleep because of reflux. Looking to learn fast so we can reset his tummy and save our sleep.

  37. Fiona

    I’ve been reading up on GUT HEALTH , for the past 2.5 years . To improve my Gut and overall health. I would love to have one of these books , I need help with great recipes , as I’m not much of a cook .

  38. Kevin

    Well, I see that the time for submissions has past, never mind, I would have loved the book, will possibly now purchase it. It would have been for my wife, Anne, 74, who contracted Pneumococcal and Sepsis on my 83rd birthday, December 2018. She was in hospital for just over three months, the first ten days in ICU, was in a coma for six days I was repeatedly told to “Not get your hopes up, we don’t expect your wife to survive”, Never the less she did survive, lost numerous small parts, hasn’t come back the same, is now hell bent on living a healthy life to improve the quality of her life. This book would appear to be beneficial in assisting in her quest.

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