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Led by Steph Lowe and Elly McLean, The
Natural Nutritionist is a hub for celebrating the 
importance of real food.

You probably already know that we can help 
you with real food and performance but did you 
know we also specialise in:

  • Preconception, Pregnancy & Postpartum Health 
  • Microbiome Health
  • Metabolic Health

We have a number of program options, 
which you can find out more about below, 
and access individually from the drop down 
menu. Please browse the selection and if 
you need help deciding which option is best 
for you, we’d love to help. You can book your 
Complimentary Consultation here or 
drop us a line here.

If you are unsure about a program, the best 
place to start is on a consultation basis.

Consultations are available worldwide via Zoom.

OUR programs

Preconception to Postpartum Health


Working with us on a consultation basis starts with your Initial Consultation, where we will 
discuss your goals, medical history and current nutrition, training and lifestyle. From here 
we can identify the major changes required and implement these prior to your Follow Up 
Consultation (45 or 30 minutes). We recommend at least one follow up, but many of our 
clients continue to work with us monthly, to evolve their nutrition goals and health journey. 

Please browse our full appointment schedule 
here and see the pricing list below for more 

Extended Initial Consultation (80 minutes)$225-$295

Initial Consultation (60 minutes)$170-$260

Follow Up Consultation (45 minutes)$140-$190

Follow Up Consultation (30 minutes)$105-$130

Questions? Please book a 
Complimentary Consultation here

This 15-minute consultation is 
designed for you to share your health 
goals and be guided by the team at 
The Natural Nutritionist as to the ideal 
practitioner and next steps for you.

Please note: we are unable to discuss 
your medical history or provide detailed 
nutrition advice in this time frame.

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