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Step One

This book is your guide to supercharging your metabolism, supporting your health, performance and recovery goals and extending your longevity.

Alongside over 150 recipes you’ll find the latest research into why eating real food is essential – and tailored 14-day eating plans to suit your personal goals and needs. Let Steph Lowe, The Natural Nutritionist, show you how to perform and feel your best by eating the way nature intended us to.

A little confused about LCHF? Well, did you know that Steph’s signature approach stands for lower carbohydrate, healthy fat, which is the way humans are designed to eat. Lower than the food pyramid [which is a very good thing], and healthy fats for balancing blood sugar, healthy hormones, optimal long term health and so much more.

It’s not keto AND includes fruit, sweet potato and healthy treats. Have your [refined sugar free] cake and eat it too. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle, and one the whole family will enjoy.

Step Two

This is the perfect place to start if you are ready to dip your toe in, and equally an ideal next step while you wait for your first appointment with Steph.

Are you busy, tired, craving the wrong food and giving in to 3.30-itis on a daily basis? Are you ready to kick sugar to the curb and experience stable energy, craving control,

great skin and clothes that fit again? Perhaps you’ve heard about the benefits of low carb, but don’t know where to start?

Well, you’re in the right place.

Step Three

Steph currently has an 8-week waitlist however Rach can fast-track your journey by securing your time, deposit and pathology testing. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity for personalised education, the right testing and analysis, a plan to achieve your health and wellness goals and incredible support along the way. Steph has practiced as a Nutritionist since 2009 and has been in the health industry since 2005. You’re in the right hands here at The Natural Nutritionist.