New Look Website & LCHF Food Substitutions

Choc Chip Cookies

Hi team, you may have noticed we’ve been absent from your inbox for a couple of weeks now, and for a very good reason! We’ve been working extremely hard behind the scenes to deliver you a fresh new website that is not only beautiful to look at but even easier to use, especially from your […]

Food Myths, Real Food & Transforming Your Metabolism

Steph Smoothie

Recently we’ve been sharing with you our top food myths – The Calorie Fallacy and The Saturated Fat-Heart Health Myth. We are now very excited to announce that you can get your hands on a copy of our recent seminar, ‘Food myths, real food & transforming your metabolism‘, where we explored these topics in detail, and […]

Product Review: Broth of Life Vegetable Stock

If you’ve ever taken the time to stop and look at the ingredients that goes into most store-bought vegetable stocks you will be as shocked as we were to see that many contain hydrogenated palm oil, yeast extract and maltodextrin as the first few ingredients, followed by one or two actual vegetables. Thankfully the team […]

The Saturated Fat-Heart Health Myth

Saturated Fat

Recently we discussed one of the biggest nutrition myths of the last five decades, The Calorie Fallacy. It’s a tie for first place however, with The Saturated Fat-Heart Health Myth, the topic of today’s discussion. For five decades, health authorities have been telling us that saturated fat increases the risk of heart disease. But did […]

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