What our clients say

Bec P_Testimonial
Bec Prickett
"I feel very fortunate to have found Steph at an extremely challenging time in my life health wise. She helped me navigate the difficulty of finding a diagnosis while proactively supporting my system in the interim. Steph has such a wealth of knowledge in gut health and has taught me so much. She has been such a huge support to me particularly with multiple specialists and different advice, I truly felt that she was in my corner. I’m looking forward to building on my health goals together including pregnancy and truly cannot recommend Steph highly enough."
Founder of Colour Coded
Jaclyn Schultz
“I contacted Steph many years ago with support for my health and nutrition. Since then I’ve had two babies and wanted to reengage Steph to discuss my postnatal depletion and repletion. Steph is up-to-date with all things related to pregnancy, breastfeeding and the postnatal period that I was very confident in her ability to support me. I’ve followed Steph on social media for many years and I love her philosophy and passion for life, health, wellbeing and all things gut and perinatal related. She is evidence-based, thorough and very intelligent and I love the way she disseminates information and ensures informed consent. Steph is a health professional pioneer for our generation, and to that I am grateful!”
Mother of two
Dave Stevens_Testimonial
Dave Stevens
"TNN were recommend to me after experiencing many years of allergies and gut related problems. I finally phoned the the team after several rounds of antibiotics had wiped out my gut biome. I was not able to digest my normal diet nor find the energy I once had. The Rebuild Your Microbiome has been a fantastic course for myself. After several months on it, my stomach has begun healing and my dietary habits have improved enormously. The team have helped me better understand my nutritional needs based on what my body can/cannot consume. This was all put together in a very professional, concise, easy and simple approach to food. This approach makes it sustainable long term. Thank you Steph!"
High School Principal
Ross Kinsella
"Through one on one ongoing education with Steph Lowe and through my own research I now have the knowledge to understand that each meal needs to be based around protein and good fats to gain satiety. I am now gluten free, dairy free and sugar free as much as possible and I have never felt better. Through eating natural and wholesome food I feel in control of my training and life as a Sports Physiotherapist. Thanks TNN!"
APA titled Sports Physiotherapist
Bernadette Robinson
"Thank you for all your help and guidance in helping me become an endurance athlete. With your nutrition tips I am eating much healthier and training for longer, and have now completed my first two long course triathlons and a 170km ride. Your book “The Real Food Athlete” has been an invaluable source of information and I am now making my own energy bars and gels from memory as I have made the recipes up so many times. I feel confident that I am well on my way to achieve my goal of becoming an Ironman this year. Thank you!"
Age group long course triathlete
Catherine O'Loughlin
"Thank you so much for your support and help with getting my legs over the line I’m proud to be able to say I’m a New York Marathon Finisher! I managed it in 4:11hrs which I’m pretty happy with considering I climbed 5 x bridges & jostled amongst 50,000 people trying to achieve the same thing. I felt fantastic for the entire duration and never once hit a low point, which I am shocked about. It’s amazing how good nutrition and preparation carries you through!"
Marathon runner
Mick Gray
"In my first year of triathlon I consumed an enormous amount of carbs and sugar. Sure there were plenty of vegies and protein, but it eventually caught up with me. I went on to battle through chronic fatigue and poor results from training for about 12 months. Then I met Steph at The Natural Nutritionist (TNN), and slowly I have changed my eating habits, eating only gluten free and natural products. Thanks to TNN, I’ve learned a lot about my body and what it needs to recover and perform. I’ve shaved minutes of all my races and certainly would not have managed to qualify for age group world titles if I was still eating gluten and sugar on a daily basis."
Age group long course triathlete