New Recipe: The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

There really isn't anything more to say about these - they really are the best good-for-you chocolate chip cookies I've ever eaten. Enjoy. IngredientsDry Ingredients:1 cup almond flour¼ tapioca flour2 tablespoons coconut sugar½ tsp baking powder½ tsp ground cinnamon1 pinch rock saltWet Ingredients:100g grass fed butter, melted2 tablespoons honey1 tsp vanilla extractOther:120-135g...

New Recipe: Simple Immune Gummies

Winter may be over in Australia, yet gastro seems to be everywhere you turn and a strong immune system focus should continue all year 'round. We make these Immune Gummies almost every week in our house - it might get a little messy with toddlers, but the joy they get from making their own food...

New Recipe: Low Histamine Chicken & Greens Curry

Histamine is a huge research interest of mine, across food allergies and intolerances, heavy menstrual bleeding and mental health, to name but a few. For some of my clients, reducing their dietary intake of histamine has a considerable impact on their symptoms resolution.

New Recipe: Healing Pumpkin Coconut Curry Soup

I have an abundance of pumpkin in my garden at the moment, so naturally pumpkin soup is on the menu for the cooler months. While nothing quite beats soup and bread, I aim to pair this meal with adequate protein for optimal blood sugar control and satiety. Something as simple a...

Understanding Perimenopause

We’ve been discussing at the length how to start cycle tracking and what is normal menstrual blood loss and after sharing this through the lens of perimenopause on Instagram, it has become very clear that so many of clue are looking for support to navigate this season on your life with grace.