Product Review: Tigernuts

Prebiotics are just as important for our gut microbiome as the well-known probiotics. A key form of prebiotics is resistant starch which acts like an insoluble fibre and is food for our body’s friendly gut bacteria. To find out more about resistant starch, please catch up here.

A new product recently launched in Australia is Tigernuts, a food high in resistant starch and good fats.

It is believed that Tigernuts is one of the world’s oldest sources of nutrition, having been found in the tombs of the Egyptian Pharoahs. In their original form, they are not actually nuts, rather they are tiny tubers (root vegetables) which are small edible bulbs of a grass-like species native to Africa.

For the purpose of this review, we were lucky enough to trial the Tigernut Flour and Diced Tigernut Snacks. You can view their full range here.

Please note, my intention is to provide factual information and personal opinion only.

The details


  • High in oleic acid, the good fats found in olive oil and avocado
  • FODMAP friendly
  • High in prebiotics
  • High in magnesium, fibre, vitamins E & C and iron
  • Gluten free
  • Nut free
  • Dairy free


  • Tigernuts

The Review:

Tigernuts are a terrific option for those who have a gluten or nut intolerance and can be easily incorporated into your diet. The company behind Tigernuts in Australia, Terra Firma Foods, sources their tigernuts from non-GMO, sustainable farmers in the south of Spain.

The flour is able to be used as an alternative to traditional and nut flours at a ratio of 1:1. We tested this theory with our Pumpkin Bread by substituting the almond flour and LSA with tigernut flour and found that it worked perfectly. The bread itself was a little denser and using an alternative flour meant the taste was less nutty, but it remained a hit in our household.

The diced tigernuts are just as versatile a product and a great topper for smoothie bowls, chia puddings, salads and even our pumpkin bread. We went one step further and used the diced tigernuts as a crumbing for chicken (recipe coming soon) and it was amazing!

Not only are Tigernuts gluten and nut free, they also make a great option to incorporate into your daily meals, providing a great source of fat helping with satiety between meals, keeping your bloody sugars stable and providing a good hit of prebiotics. Try them for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.


  1. Mary Claire

    Hi Steph and Co, just wondering where locally in Melbourne you have been able to source these easiest! Thanks so much for your recipes and time.

  2. Min Benstead

    Hello Mary, if you head directly to the Tigernuts website they will be able to direct you to local stockists. Alternatively you can order directly from them! We hope you enjoy.


    Hello, could you please Names and addresses of tiger nut buying companies in Australia.

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