– Ray Webb, Marathon Runner, training for sub 3 hours

How do I know the cleanse worked? I conducted full blood tests (FBE) before and after the program, which provided ‘irrefutable evidence’ that areas of concern have significantly improved without antibiotics, drugs or any medical support. Additionally on almost all levels of evaluation there has been improvement – haemoglobin, protein, B12, PSA, glucose etc. This nutrition program is now a life time strategy and I will be visiting with The Natural Nutritionist regularly to explore ways to continually improving my nutrition intake into the future.

– Sussan F, Marathon Runner, New York Marathon 2015

It has been just over 2 weeks since I completed The Natural Nutritionist (TNN)’s B2B program. I can highly recommend the program and the support I had from Steph along the way. I was week 3 into my 15 week Auckland Marathon training program and thought this was a great way to reset my system. I have never felt better….I was training better and stronger. I was also recovering from my training sessions really well. Fuelling for my long runs was easy with homemade gels of coconut water, chia seeds and berries. Since completing this I have continued with some of the changes I made during the 6 weeks and 4 weeks out from the marathon I am feeling great! Thanks TNN for all your support and encouragement!