Superfeast Reishi Powder (100g)


  • Semi-wild Ganoderma lucidum (Red Reishi) mushroom, sourced Di Dao from China’s Dabie mountains
  • Sustainably grown on Duanwood and carefully dual-extracted
  • Traditionally used in Chinese medicine to help
    • Balance spirit
    • Improve sleep quality and deep sleep
    • Support healthy immune system function
  • No added grains, fillers or starches
  • Vegan and paleo-friendly
  • Gluten and sugar-free

Ingredients per 0.200g

Ganoderma lucidum (Red Reishi) ext. 250ml
ext. equiv. dry (mushroom) 2g



  • 200 mg 3 times daily in 250 mL warm water; consume immediately.

Additional information

Weight 100 kg

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