Elite Performance Program (EPP)

This is one of our most popular programs here at TNN. Are you wanting to become a fat adapted athlete? This highly individualised program is for you. Designed to enhance your performance and recovery you will gain the competitive edge and extend your athletic longevity.

Investment: $690

What you receive:

  • Your initial consultation (2 x 30 minutes);
  • A fully personalised nutrition program including real food education, allergy specific recipes and sports nutrition information (including nutrient timing and fat adaptation principles);
  • Blood and/or salivary test analysis and a personalised supplementation plan;
  • Metabolic Efficiency Testing (MET) analysis and nutrition and fuelling guidance;
  • Training advice and guidelines;
  • Three follow up consultations (30 minutes), usually scheduled in 3-4 week intervals (30 minutes);
  • Email support for your program duration (approximately 12 weeks).

Perfect for athletes looking to learn more about the benefits of real food, and gain that extra edge, whether it be muscle gain, speed, or the optimal race day fuelling strategy. 

Your EPP is available face-to-face or virtually.

Please note: MET is not compulsory and may incur an additional cost, dependent on provider and/or your Exercise Physiology private health cover.

(Please select ‘Appointments’ and either ‘Programs: Face-to-Face’ or ‘Programs: Virtual’, depending on your requirement).


Where to next? Following the completiton of your program it is recommended that you move into our Accountability Program (AP). This is to ensure the longevity of your real food lifestyle and to address any changes to your sports nutrition that may be required as your metabolic efficiency develops. Please click here for more information.