The Low Down on Prebiotics

Mango Chia Pudding

Probiotics are live microorganisms that when consumed, provide health benefits to the host. So, what’s a prebiotic? It’s the new buzz word in digestive health and in case you’ve wondered, no, they’re not the same thing.   In 2008, the International Scientific Association of Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) defined prebiotics as ‘a selectively fermented ingredient that results in […]

New Recipe: Creamy Salmon & Greens

We have combined the most delicious flavours into this Creamy Salmon & Greens dish which can be prepared in just the one pan! It’s the perfect weeknight meal when you’re short on time and wanting something nourishing. Full of omega-3 fatty acids and an abundance of vitamins from all the green vegetables, this dish will […]


Let’s talk antioxidants. Quite simply they are molecules that inhibit oxidation (Get it? Anti-oxidants). Oxidation is a normal process that can be beneficial (like in wine making) or quite harmful in the case of oxidative stress, when antioxidant production does not meet oxidation requirements. Oxidative stress results in the production of free radicals, many of […]

New Recipe: Choc Mint Smoothie Bowl

Warm weather is finally making an appearance here in Melbourne and you know what that means right? Smoothies are back in fashion and we are pretty happy about it. Smoothies are such a delicious way to pack in an abundance of nutrients and this Choc Mint Smoothie Bowl has all the right ingredients to kick […]