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LCHF Reset – Starts Monday!


LCHF Reset – Starts Monday!


Are you ready to supercharge your metabolism, burn fat and extend your longevity? Join the next group round of our very popular Two Week LCHF Reset! The foundation of this course is to identify your degree of carbohydrate intolerance and move your way back to optimal health. 

What is Carbohydrate Intolerance (CI)?

A hidden problem, CI usually begins with low energy, the blood-sugar rollercoaster, bloating after a meal and/or brain fog. For most people it causes an inability to shift body fat, an addiction to carbohydrate or sugar and a waist line that keeps expanding every year. Sound familiar?

Our Two Week LCHF Reset really is the perfect reset after the school holidays – it’s time to improve your blood sugar control, eliminate cravings, lose body fat and break your carbohydrate addiction once and for all.

Your Two Week LCHF Reset Course Curriculum:

  • The Benefits of Developing Metabolic Flexibility
  • The Calorie Fallacy
  • The Carbohydrate Fallacy
  • Before the Reset
  • During the Reset
  • How to Build Your Plate
  • Digestive Health
  • Meal Plans
  • After the Reset
  • Where to Now?
  • Additional Resources

With lifetime access, you can come back and repeat your program whenever you feel you need to, and especially after a holiday, your birthday month or the festive season. Such incredible value for just $49.

Our next group intake start on Monday October 7th – join now so you are committed and prepared to start! We can’t wait to reset with you.

For more information, including FAQs, please visit: Two Week LCHF Reset. Questions? Please post below, we’re more than happy to help.

13 thoughts on “LCHF Reset – Starts Monday!

  1. Hi Steph,
    I really would like to be a part of this two week rest but I am away on holiday with my family and wondering if there is an option to start the following Monday?

  2. Hi Sarah, the program is definitely suitable for T2D and to kick start weight loss. All recipes are GF, DF @ SF but there are some eggs you would need to substitute for an alternate recipe. It’s all run online, so your location won’t impact a thing. We’d love to have you on board!

  3. Hi Steph, is this similar to the Fat Loss meal plan that I have in your recent book Low Carb Healthy Fat Nutrition? Also, can I follow this meal plan (from the book) for longer than 14 days? I have 30kgs to lose..

    1. Hi May, it’s a different meal plan and both you can follow for a longer period of time. You will get better results with a personalised meal plan, so please reach out to myself and the team to book an appointment or learn more here: bit.ly/tnnonline

  4. Are instructions given as x cups vegies, x amount of fat, ?grams protein or a heap of recipies that serve 4-6 people and not very useful to one person. or worse still eat heaps of vegies,fats and proteins with no amounts.

    1. You absolutely can, but the meal plan is not vegetarian at this stage. There are program guidelines and food lists, so you can easily make modifications to existing recipes.

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