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The Real Food Reel with The Natural Nutritionist

The Real Food Reel

The Real Food Reel
The Real Food Reel (RFR) is here to get real on the current research, debunk food myths, and educate you how to just eat real food (JERF). We cover real real food, gut health, sports performance, holistic wellness and optimising your health, metabolism and longevity. Each week Steph is joined by leading experts in the field and you get the hard facts, truth bombs, and information gold mines.

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Episodes & Shownotes

  • RFR 176 - LCHF for Anxiety & Depression with Steph Lowe

    LCHF for Anxiety & Depression

    In today’s episode of The Real Food Reel we explore LCHF for anxiety and depression. You will learn about anxiety, the impact of chronic stress and how to remove the burden on your nervous system. We explore depression, gluten, methylation, the impact of the gut and the essential tests you need to add to your repertoire. This is a really important conversation on a serious topic, and please always make sure you seek professional guidance before making any changes to your current treatment regime.

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