Extended Initial Consultation + DUTCH


In addition to testing, this includes an 80 minute appointment to cover your health and nutrition goals, medical history, family history, relevant symptoms, current lifestyle and DUTCH results. From this discussion a comprehensive plan will be developed with your practitioner and you will be provided with a detailed PDF plan including macronutrient and micronutrient recommendations, meal timing suggestions, example meal schedules, hormone specifics and supplement advice, if applicable. Can be conducted via phone, FaceTime or Zoom.

Please note: consultations booked prior to September 2021 will be conducted with Elly, a tertiary trained Nutritionist working under the supervision of Steph Lowe, The Natural Nutritionist.



Note: The cost includes DUTCH – as  advanced dried urine test for complex hormones. This test will measure and identify: estrogens (x13), progestagens (x7), androgens (x6), glucocorticoids (x4), free cortisol (x4), free cortisone (x4), and melatonin (x4). The profile is collected from four separate dried urine samples at key time points throughout the same day: 1st morning, 2nd morning, early evening, and bedtime. Urine is collected on filter paper strips either by dipping it in urine collected in a cup, or by urinating directly on the strip.

This test is ideal for a comprehensive overview of your hormonal status to find the underlying cause of a more complex hormone related issue.

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