Food Myths, Real Food & Transforming Your Metabolism


Steph Lowe, The Natural Nutritionist breaks down the most common food myths and misconceptions and teaches you how to transform your metabolism with real food. Download this interactive seminar and experience our most popular live event, in the comfort of your own home.



┬áIn ‘Food Myths, Real Food & Transforming Your Metabolism’, you will learn:

* Why we’re turning the food pyramid upside down;
* Why calorie counting is a myth and how it is possible to never eat another low fat product;
* The carbohydrate fallacy and how to effectively build your plate;
* How constant snacking is sabotaging your health and wellness goals;
* How saturated fats are the key to your energy, satiety, metabolic and long term health goals;
* Why metabolic health is the answer to all of your health and wellness goals.

It’s time to clear the confusion and learn how simple it is to eat well, to look after your health not only today, but tomorrow.


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