Our Top Three Self-Care Tips

Our Top Three Self-Care Tips

Now, more than ever, the need for self-care is critical. We are busier than ever and finding the time to prioritise ourselves can be hard and requires much self-justification. Without making the time for ourselves we run the risk of a permanent state of stress, unhappiness and operating on the brink of exhaustion.

For us, self-care begins with making time for regular exercise and a diet rich in real food. It then extends to daily, weekly and monthly rituals which show our body, mind and soul the love and attention it deserves. Self-care is a work in progress and requires trial and error to find things which work for you; which ground you back to a state of calm and ultimately ensures you are thriving.

Here are our top three self-care tips which you can incorporate into your life on a weekly basis to help fill your own tank:

1.    Take a deep breath. Put the phone down, step outside and breathe deeply. Taking ten seconds to stop and take a deep breath has been shown to help shift you away from the feeling of stressed to the feeling of calm. Go on, step outside and breathe deeply now.

2.    Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can significantly impact your ability to handle stress, be productive and eat well. Research shows that every hour of sleep prior to midnight is the equivalent to two hours after.  Ensure you turn off all technology in the hour prior to bed and take time to wind down from the day, whether it be by incorporating a meditation practice or a relaxing bath.

3.    Make the time each week to do something which you love and which re-energises you. It could be as simple as a Sunday afternoon bath; a walk in nature or sitting in the sunshine reading. Diarise this time and mark it as non-negotiable.

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