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It’s time to change your life!

Congratulations on taking the next step. We are here to show you how easy real food living and performance can be.

Our foundation is in whole foods with a unique lower carbohydrate, higher fat (LCHF) and just eat real food (JERF) approach.

We can teach you how to develop metabolic efficiency for everything from fat loss to qualifying for Kona or the top level of your chosen sport. We have worked with thousands of individuals since 2011 and have built the greatest number of fat adapted athletes worldwide.

We have a number of program options, which you can find out more about below, and access individually from the drop down menu. Please browse the selection and if you need help deciding which option is best for you, we’d love to help. You can book your complimentary 15 minute consultation here or drop us a line here.

If you are unsure about a program, the best place to start is on a consultation basis. For face-to-face appointments, you can find us at:

42A Station Street, Sandringham, VIC, 3191. See more location details here.
TNN Testimonials - Ross Kinsella, APA titled Sports Physiotherapist, Age group long course triathlete and marathoner.
Through one on one ongoing education with Steph Lowe and through my own research I now have the knowledge to understand that each meal needs to be based around protein and good fats to gain satiety. I am now gluten free, dairy free and sugar free as much as possible and I have never felt better. Through eating natural and wholesome food I feel in control of my training and life as a Sports Physiotherapist. Thanks TNN!
- Ross Kinsella, APA titled Sports Physiotherapist, Age group long course triathlete and marathoner


Programs – Fat Adapted Athletes

It’s all about nutrient timing. This 12 week program is perfect for athletes who want to get lean and perform better with the right education and a personalised nutrition approach. You will ideally start in your off-season to enhance your metabolic efficiency and fine-tune your fuelling for race day.

Click here for full HPFL program details

It’s all about nutrient density. This highly individualised 12 week program is designed to enhance your performance and recovery. We focus on day-to-day changes to maximise your fat burning capacity, while supporting your training and racing goals. This program is designed for athletes looking to prevent inflammation, injuries and metabolic dysfunction, and extend their sporting careers.

Click here for full EPP program details

Programs – Gut Health

It’s all about gut health. Our Rebuild Your Microbiome program will teach you the foundations of the microbiome and provide personalised support to your gut healing journey. You don’t need to do it alone – with the right support we can rebalance your gut and transform your entire digestive system and overall health, wellness and longevity. As Hippocrates said over 2000 years ago, “all disease starts in the gut”, and so to does all health.

Click here for full RYM program details

It’s all about the basics. Our new and improved B2B now focuses on gut health, liver function or heavy metal detoxification, depending on what you most require. Over six weeks you will join a team of cleansers and set up some fantastic long-term health and wellness behaviours. Tired? Sluggish? Addicted to caffeine? Stuck in a fat loss plateau? Sign up to the next round of our B2B Cleanse today.

Click here for full B2B program details

Programs – Real Food Fat Loss

It’s about metabolic efficiency, not counting calories, starvation or restriction! This 12 week program will teach you how to eat well and change your body composition with a long-term and sustainable approach. Perfect for couples and families, and ideal if you are ready to break the dieting cycle once and for all.

Click here for full RFFL program details

It’s about optimising your metabolism, not calorie counting, starvation or excessive exercise! This 12 week* program will teach you how to burn fat, improve your digestion, achieve glowing skin and foster a healthy relationship with food and the number on the scales. It really is possible to look and feel your best on your big day. Perfect for brides and bridesmaids.

Click here for full RFB program details

Programs – Real Food Living

It’s all about real food. Whether you want to change your current way of eating, learn to cook quick and easy meals, or gain more clarity in a world of differing opinions and potential information overwhelm, our RFL program has been designed for you.

Click here for full RFL4 program details

This is our upgraded RFL4 as perhaps you would like a little more support, and some accountability for the first few months of your real food journey? Our RFL8 is best for those working on fertility and/or hormone balancing, developing an anti-inflammatory nutritional approach or requiring assistance in gaining weight. It is an extremely individualised program focusing on your personal goals and lifestyle.

Click here for full RFL8 program details

Programs – Professional

It’s all about collaboration. Are you a personal trainer, fitness professional, food blogger or small business owner needing TNN’s professional support and stamp of approval?

Click here for full PPD program details

It’s all about team work. Are you a cafe owner or small business needing TNN’s knowledge and professional stamp?

Click here for full MDP program details

TNN Testimonials - Bernadette Robinson, Age group long course triathlete
Thank you for all your help and guidance in helping me become an endurance athlete. With your nutrition tips I am eating much healthier and training for longer, and have now completed my first two long course triathlons and a 170km ride. Your book “The Real Food Athlete” has been an invaluable source of information and I am now making my own energy bars and gels from memory as I have made the recipes up so many times. I feel confident that I am well on my way to achieve my goal of becoming an Ironman this year. Thank you!
- Bernadette Robinson, Age group long course triathlete


Working with us on a consultation basis starts with your Initial Consultation, where we will discuss your goals, medical history and current nutrition, training and lifestyle. From here we can identify the major changes required and implement these prior to your Follow Up Consultation (50 or 30 minutes). We recommend at least one follow up, but many of our clients continue to work with us monthly, to evolve their nutrition goals and health journey.

Please note: all Initial Consultations are conducted with Elly, a tertiary trained Nutritionist or Erin, a tertiary trained Naturopath and Nutritionist. Both Elly and Erin work under the supervision of Steph Lowe, The Natural Nutritionist. Extended Initial Consultations (80 minutes) are now available with Steph Lowe.

Please browse our full appointment schedule here and see the pricing list below for more information.

  1. Initial Consultation: Face-to-Face (50 minutes) – $155-$185
  2. Initial Consultation: Skype (50 minutes) – $150-$180
  3. Extended Initial Consultation: Face-to-Face (80 minutes) – $255
  4. Extended Initial Consultation: Skype (80 minutes) – $250
  5. Follow Up Consultation: Face-to-Face (50 minutes) – $115-$150
  6. Follow Up Consultation: Skype (50 minutes) – $100-$145
  7. Follow Up Consultation: Face-to-Face (30 minutes) – $90-$105
  8. Follow Up Consultation: Skype (30 minutes) – $80-$100

Questions? Please book your complimentary 15 minute consultation here (under ‘Consultations: Skype’ or ‘Consultations: Face-to-Face’ ). Your complimentary consultation is designed for you to share your health goals and be guided by the team at The Natural Nutritionist as to the ideal practitioner and next steps for you. Please note: we are unable to discuss your medical history or provide detailed nutrition advice in this time frame.

TNN Testimonials - Catherine O’Loughlin, Marathon runner
Thank you so much for your support and help with getting my legs over the line I’m proud to be able to say I’m a New York Marathon Finisher! I managed it in 4:11hrs which I’m pretty happy with considering I climbed 5 x bridges & jostled amongst 50,000 people trying to achieve the same thing. I felt fantastic for the entire duration and never once hit a low point, which I am shocked about. It’s amazing how good nutrition and preparation carries you through!
- Catherine O'Loughlin, Marathon runner

Please note: All prices are inclusive of GST. Payments plans are available so please contact us here for more information. Except in the case of extreme circumstances, refunds cannot be provided.