Are You Ready to be Mentored by me?

 Steph Lowe Mentoring is my dream come true, and something I longed for when I first started practicing as a Nutritionist in 2009.

  • Are you a Nutritionist or Health Coach looking to further your clinical knowledge to help change the health of the western world?
  • Perhaps you’ve graduated with a degree in nutrition but feel like you need more, before you’re ready to work 1:1 with clients?
  • Are you already working with clients and looking to increase your offerings including functional pathology, microbiome testing, identifying hormonal imbalances and more?
  • Do you want to specialize in women’s health, including fat loss, hormones, iron status, pregnancy, conception or postpartum?

Join me for a 6-month group mentoring journey and gain the knowledge and confidence required to build your dream nutrition consulting business.

Here’s what our previous graduates have to say:

“Working with Steph was exactly what I needed in order to transition into working 1:1 with clients in clinic. Before working with Steph I had no idea where to begin and I felt overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done. In working with Steph I strengthened my clinical skills as a practitioner, honed in on my strengths and gained the confidence and tools to begin creating the career I had been dreaming of. Having Steph as a mentor is like having your own personal cheerleader, always there to back you and push forward. Thanks so much Steph, I would not have got to where I am now as quickly as I have without your guidance and support.” – Solaine D.

“I couldn’t recommend Steph’s mentoring program enough. It was honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made. Most of us finish our university degrees and not only have no idea what to do or where to begin but lack the confidence to begin. Working alongside Steph taught me invaluable amounts and gave me the confidence to dive in and start my own business. I would leave each meeting with a clear vision and actionable next steps to take. Investing in this mentorship was the greatest thing I did for my business.” – Jess B.

“I signed up for Steph’s mentoring program hoping to improve my business and gain valuable knowledge from an experienced Nutritionist. But I got so much more. I didn’t expect such insightful learning, resources and encouragement. Steph has been an amazing mentor to me over the past few years. I can’t thank her enough for all she has taught me and all I have gained through her supportive care. She has inspired me, coached me and given me the confidence to grow as a Nutritionist. I’m so grateful for the time I have spent with Steph in her mentoring program and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to any practitioner or student looking to expand their knowledge.“ – Andrea F.

We kick off in February, however only a limited number of students will be accepted in order to create the most personalised experience possible. You have first access before this is released to social media later this month. Don’t delay, find out more and secure your place today:

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